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Старший аркан Таро 1 Маг (волшебник)

Description: a young man stands in front of a table on which are a sword, wand, goblet and pentacle, he holds a two-sided candle in his raised right hand, his left hand lowered down; above his head is an infinity symbol. The man is dressed in a red robe, flowers are around him.

Major Arcana Tarot Magician Mage, Rider Waite Tarot Magician, Tarot New Vision

Basic map values in upright position:

  1. intermediary (between source and destination);
  2. the power to act and make decisions;
  3. active will;
  4. sexual energy;
  5. the ability to resolve conflicts and rise to new heights;
  6. means leader, original thinker;
  7. clarity of thought;
  8. inspiration period;
  9. research institute;
  10. library;
  11. a study for scientific work;
  12. exchange;
  13. doctor's office;
  14. a place where you can find harmony;
  15. results of disciplined learning;
  16. predicting the future;
  17. the desire to be seen;
  18. work for yourself;
  19. the beginning of a new period in life.

Basic meanings of the map reversed:

  1. unwise use of one's powers;
  2. aiming for empty targets;
  3. deceivers;
  4. ill-conceived projects;
  5. feigned experience, weakness;
  6. indecision;
  7. selfishness;
  8. random action;
  9. the collapse of plans;
  10. delay;
  11. overconfidence;
  12. ignoring one's own talents;
  13. manipulation;
  14. repression of sexuality.

db_EGY-_I_-_The_Magus1-320x500The Magus stands with his right hand raised and holding the wand of his power. His left hand points down, symbolizing the transmission of sacred energy to the worlds below. Above his head is a horizontal symbol of infinity, representing the Holy Spirit, and on the table in front of him — in fact, on his altar — the symbols of the four elements: the cup (Water), the pentacle, or disk (Earth), the wand (Fire) and the sword (Air). These are the elements of creation. Red roses, symbolizing desire and passion, form an arch above his head and are intertwined in the foreground with white lilies representing pure, abstract thought. The magician is encircled by the alchemical symbol of ouroboros — the snake of eternity, devouring its own tail. In the archetypal sense, the Magician personifies the Divine Will.

Mage, alsoConjurerand Rogue.

The astrological meaning is Mercury, the «mediator», that is, the force that carries information from the source to the receiver, this is the distance leading to the goal.

Other Arcana names: Sorcerer, Circus performer, Mage of Power, Conjurer.

TARO SIGNIFICANCE: By drawing this card, you show that you have the power to act and make decisions. You are sensitively intuitive in using your power and adept at laying the foundation for positive relationships. You are able to connect the inner and outer world. This card is associated with active will, as well as with sexual energy. Pulling the Magician in a spread means that you bring undeniable vitality and inspiration to your daily life and have a tremendous ability to resolve conflicts and rise to new heights. You are a true leader and original thinker.

REVERSED CARD MEANING: You are using your powers unwisely or destructively. You strive for empty goals and are subject to the influence of those who lie and deceive you. Your projects are poorly thought out and unlikely to succeed.

SELF DEVELOPMENT LESSON: True creativity means drawing power from the inner realm of the Spirit and manifesting that sacred power in the everyday world. By tapping into this holy potential, you will inevitably expand the boundaries of self-knowledge, gaining redoubled energy to start new projects, and demonstrate increased clarity of thought and understanding in the creation of your beliefs.

WORK: The magician shows that we are aware of this potential and use it by taking the initiative. Depending on what this initiative is aimed at, we can achieve financial success, a promotion, or solve some difficult task, for example, pass exams or complete a project. If we have to perform the functions of a boss, we can do a lot to improve the climate in the team, give our employees an incentive to increase the efficiency of their work, and thereby the success of the entire company. In negotiations, projects, when conducting tests or performing other tasks that we have been postponing so far due to some difficulties or problems, we can now cut the Gordian knot (how — the cards will show in positions from 5 to 7). During this period, we will be able to cope with any problems.

CONSCIOUSNESS: At the level of consciousness, this card shows that our mind is clear and precise, that we have enough quick wits and the gift of persuasion to succeed even in something we hadn't dared to tackle before. In addition, Mage shows that we now have a «view height» to cover the entire perspective so we don't get bogged down in details anymore.

At deeper levels of consciousness, the Magician personifies the ability to take responsibility for one’s steps, determination and conscious control of one’s own destiny, awareness of one’s life task.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: A period of inspiration, courage, increased «magnetism». Used wisely, these forces personified by the Magician will help you overcome stiffness, tightness, in general, any existing problems. To use properly means for the benefit of all, and not just for your own benefit. The magician symbolizes knowledge, in this case, awareness of the importance of unity and harmony in relationships.

Names in other languages: Il Mago, Le Bateleur, The Magical, Der Magier.

Astrological matches: Pluto, Mars and Scorpio. The moon as a symbol of our «lunar» consciousness, intuition and the power of our subconscious forces.

Kabalistic Meaning Arcana: self-control.

Occult Meaning Arcana: father, spiritual teacher.

Physical value Arcana: man.

Places: research institute; library; office for scientific work; exchange; doctor's office; a place where you can find harmony.

  Major Arcana tarot Mage (Rus tarot)


Key words and phrases: The archetype of the grown-up son. The ability to achieve your goal. The results of disciplined learning. Change through willpower. The ability to use creative forces. Creative visualization. The ability to make decisions. Disciplined and creative actions. Desire to learn something new. Self confidence. Creative forces. Prediction of the future. Determination. Ability to learn by trial and error. Possibilities. Ability to quickly solve problems. Sleight of hand. Ability to adapt to change. Courage. Strive to be seen. Bragging. Work for yourself. Agility. Medical aptitude. Ability for languages. Ingenuity. Ability to properly use valuable equipment. Creation of new long-term projects. Actions. Modern technologies. Central nervous system. Lungs. Hands. Five senses. Androgyny. I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.

Situation and advice: You will soon be able to reap the benefits of long and disciplined training. To achieve your goals, you or a person you trust will be able to use your talents and virtues. The right time to start new projects, as right now you are the master of your own destiny. Everything you need will be at your fingertips. Technically advanced modern equipment will be a good help.

You will be able to cope with the new situation, take the necessary actions and focus on realizing potential opportunities. You will be able to present yourself in the most favorable light to those who are interested in your knowledge and experience. Right now, creative thinking will help you; maybe it makes sense to continue learning. You will be able to take full advantage of your organizational skills. Perhaps you will find success in financial matters. The magician says that the forces of nature will help you achieve your goals. You may need special skills and the ability to work with technology to be successful. The magician indicates that you must observe, experiment, remain receptive, improve your skills and learn to control the world. If you asked a question about health, then the Magician can symbolize an experienced therapist or surgeon.

People:Son. Brother. Adult man. One who manipulates the physical world. A politician who knows how to properly dispose of his power. Writer. Mag. Illusionist. Engineer. Inventor. Agent. Someone who is well versed in technology and knows how to work with various tools. Entrepreneur. Alchemist. Teacher. Guide. Children from five years old to puberty. Speaker. Linguist. Artist. Scientist-practitioner. Medical worker. Neurosurgeon. Artisan. Psychotherapist.


Upside down

Keywords and phrases: Feigned experience. Weakness. Indecision. The inability to see things as they are. Selfish behavior. Actions at random. The collapse of plans. Impotence. Delay. Unwillingness to take advantage. The inability to use what is at hand. Waste of energy or resources. Unrealistic goals. Making mistakes. Failure to learn from past mistakes. Overconfidence. Lack of ease of doing business and communication. Inability to use technology. Useless technologies. Ignoring one's own talents. Manipulation. Repression of sexuality. Overconfidence. Lack of self-confidence or willpower. Unwillingness to solve problems. Forces are running out. Nothing can be done right. Lack of knowledge is a dangerous thing. Unfulfilled plans, unachieved goals. Disorder and inconsistency.

Situation and advice: For some reason, you do not use all your skills and talents in order to achieve the goal. Your indecision can lead to difficulties and delays. Perhaps you do not have enough knowledge to do some work: there is a need for further training. Perhaps you pretend to know more than you really do. If you lack self-confidence, you are likely to miss a great opportunity, if you are overconfident, you may be drawn into dubious projects. Perhaps someone is interfering with your actions or trying to splurge on you. After all, in essence, the Magician is a deceiver. Sometimes the Magician in an inverted position can mean your brother or sister, who gives you a lot of trouble.


If you have formulated a question about your relationship with the opposite sex, then perhaps you are experiencing sexual problems that have arisen. Or, on the contrary, your partner is good in bed, but does not suit you at all emotionally. Pay attention to your behavior: you may be acting too selfishly, paying insufficient attention to the rights and needs of the people around you.

Now is the time to pull yourself together and direct all your efforts to achieve success. A magician in an inverted position may indicate that you feel left out. You should avoid excessive materialism and go beyond the narrow limits of personal interests. Perhaps you are not listening to your intuitive essence, because you are too focused on manipulating the outside world. Now is not the best time to leave a stable job and start your own business.

People:Imposters. Those who use their external data to achieve a goal. Those who only want sex, not love. Deceivers. Selfish people. People from whom there is no use, or those who constantly interfere. Those who are confident in their own knowledge and skills, without any reason. Natural geniuses. Upstarts. Bad personalities. The ones who can't be trusted. People «walking over corpses», plotting intrigues.

Major Arcana tarot Mage (tarot of witches)

Mage Card Meaning

You are a free, independent person and must make your own decisions. And you will have to look for a way out of your current situation yourself. You have enough strength to achieve what you want; you just need to decide to wish.

In a mixed spread (Major and Minor Arcana together), the Mage card can mean the need for some dexterity in the task ahead or leading a more rigorous, moderate life.

In practice, the Magician, as the first card of the first septenary, always means the beginning of some new period of life, when nothing has been decided yet and no mistakes have been made. Everything is in your hands, this card says, the main thing is to make the right decision, and then everything will go by itself.

On a mundane level, Mage can mean a call to action, to seize the initiative, in the knowledge that nothing threatens us yet (competitors are far behind). Sometimes it can mean the need for some kind of magical operation to ensure a smooth course of events.

Upside down, it can mean that the moment of choice has already been missed, that events have begun to unfold according to their own laws, so now all that remains is to wait for the result, or that someone is undertaking magical operations against you .

This is a good card for businessmen, calling for action and standing firm.

Combinations with other cards
— The Hanged Man: obstruction, inaction
— 4 of swords: quiet rest, accumulation of energy
— 8 swords: embarrassment and insecurity, impotence
— Nun (Priestess): inactivity, intuition, exit to the subconscious
— Triumph
— 8 of wands: unraveling the mystery
— 2 of wands: gaining power
— 8 of Pentacles: Do it yourself

Type of upright person: knowledge-bearing person; a scientist working for the benefit of mankind; inventor; professional consultant.

Reversed person type: charlatan; a person who uses knowledge for selfish purposes; scientist working for the «war».

Psychological meaning Arcana Mage: you are free and independent, so you must make important decisions yourself related to your life. Nobody will help you with this. You have enough strength, you are able to achieve everything that you dream of. The main thing is that you want to want. Your will, knowledge, the ability to find contact with people, the ability to take risks, the ability to embody your abilities are a guarantee of success in the area where you want to realize yourself. You understand other people well, but you also know how to take care of your own interests. Use it and you will achieve harmony.


The magician denotes the mind, quick wit, active life position. This is a period when we face difficult problems, we must endure some kind of test, but complete clarity of consciousness and vitality help to successfully cope with them. Although the card indicates a high potential of consciousness, this does not mean that the potential of intuition and other subconscious forces can be neglected at this time. On the contrary: our readiness for action, for success, which the Magician points out, is based precisely on the harmony between consciousness and subconsciousness. It is only through the self-confidence that results from this harmony that we can truly move mountains.



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