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Arcana Tarot Three of Cups: celebration

Description: three girls are standing in the middle of a field with ripe vegetables and berries. In the hands, raised up, they each have a cup. Main values of the card in upright position: love and friendship; time of joy; success of the planned business; restoration of good relations; white streak in life; luck of [...]

Senior Arcana 3 Tarot The Empress (Mistress)

Description: A young woman sits on a soft throne in the middle of a wheat field. A river and a forest are nearby. The Mistress herself is dressed in a light dress, her head is crowned with a crown of twelve stars, she holds a scepter in her right hand. Main values of the card [...]

Tarot Arcana Two of Pentacles: ups and downs, turmoil

Description: a boy is playing with two pentacles while behind him 2 ships are rocking on huge waves.   Main values of the card in upright position: uncertainty, choice between equal options; great emotions; game, optimism despite the difficulties of choice or difficult decisions; chaoticity; indifference; spontaneity, dexterity; communicability; non-triviality; lack of one's own point [...]

Tarot Arcanum Two of Swords: impasse, armed truce

Description: a blindfolded woman in white clothes sits by a pond, with stones protruding behind her. She holds swords in her hands, crossing them. There is a growing moon in the sky.   Main values of the card in upright position: means a person who does not want to see anything and wants to protect [...]

Two of Wands Tarot Arcana: Possibilities

Description: a man stands on the roof or balcony of the castle and from there observes the picture that has opened (sea, mountains, village). In his right hand is a reduced model of the globe, in his left is a staff.   Main values of the card in upright position: time to think — is it [...]

Tarot Arcana Two of Cups: reciprocity

Description: a young man and a girl are standing opposite each other, each holding a cup in their hands. Above their heads is a lion's head with wings, and below it is a metal staff with snakes. A village or a house can be seen in the distance.   Main values of the card in [...]

Major Arcana Tarot The Priestess 2 (Nun)

Description: The nun sits near two columns — a black one on the right and a white one on the left, behind her are ripe pomegranates. A woman holds a scroll in her hands.   Main values of the card in upright position: female sensual beginning; harmony, balance of opposite beginnings; openness of soul, patience; archetype [...]

Ace of Pentacles tarot card: strong financial back

Description: a hand from a cloud extends a pentacle, against a green well-kept lawn, mountains and a castle. Main values of the card in upright position: 1. the most favorable card from the junior arcana; 2. union of primary elements; 3. the beginning of prosperity; 4. successful enterprises; 5. satisfaction; 6. personal achievements; 7. time [...]

Tarot Arcana Ace of Swords: the power of intelligence, conquest, triumph

Description: a hand from the cloud extends a sword, on which there is a crown. The crown is decorated with palm and olive branches. Mountains can be seen behind.   Main values of the Ace of Swords card in upright position: 1. gaining clarity in something: clarifying relationships, overcoming doubts; 2. solving the problem; 3. [...]

Ace of Wands Tarot Arcana: Dare to start a journey

Description: a hand from the cloud extends a staff. A castle can be seen behind.

Major Arcana Tarot 1 Mage (wizard)

Описание: молодой человек стоит перед столом, на котором находятся меч, жезл, кубок и пентакль, в поднятой правой руке он держит двустороннюю свечу, левая рука опущена вниз; над его головой символ бесконечности. Человек облачен в красную мантию, вокруг него цветы.   Основные значения карты в прямом положении: посредник (между источником и приемником); сила действовать и принимать [...]

Tarot Ace of Cups: sincere heart, fertility

Description: A hand from the cloud holds out a cup from which water flows, above the cup is a dove, he lowers a shield with a cross into the cup. The water from the cup flows into a pond full of blooming flowers.

Major Arcana Tarot Fool (Jester, jocker, madman)

Description: A young man stands on the edge of a cliff and looks up at the sky. His hands are spread apart, in his right hand he has a stick with a bundle, in his left — a flower. Beside him is a small dog. Around the mountain. Basic map values in upright position: 1. receptivity, [...]

One-day fasting: benefits and techniques

Fasting is an ancient way of cleansing the body and mind. It is part of many religious and spiritual practices. Fasting for a day can be a great way to experience this without having to give up food for a long time. It can be a 40-day fast, when you limit yourself in food, consuming, [...]

Interaction within the Family. Competition within the clan

To begin to slightly navigate the relationship with the Genus, imagine the Genus as a Tree, and ourselves as thin peripheral branches. The genus, like any living structure, is primarily concerned with the survival and continuation of itself, expansion from the present into the future. For the Family, those branches that are healthy and strong, [...]