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Arcana tarot

Как солдату РФ сдаться в плен

That there are Tarot cards, probably, you, the traveler, know. If not, then this information can be gleaned from many sources. Actually, we were guided by some of them when we collected the description of the cards.
If you have already been interested in the meanings of tarot cards, you might have noticed that the meaning of the cards for different experts in the magical sciences differ from each other and even the same authors write about different meanings of one card.

Why is this happening?

Firstly, due to the fact that each person perceives the generally accepted interpretation of the cards in his own way.

Secondly, (and this is important to remember) an important factor is the mood of the whole layout. You can not evaluate one card separately, you need to look at the alignment as a whole; on which cards were adjacent to it.

We do not undertake to say who is closer to the truth and who is not, but we can only give you a brief summary of what these professors wrote about.


Advice for those who have just started the journey, i.e. not familiar with the meanings of tarot cards: first try to find out the truth in the cards yourself. Don’t look at other people’s interpretations yet. Feel your cards for yourself. Open up to everyone. Put your meaning into them. It’s not difficult, just look at the drawing, notice the details, and some kind of whole picture is already taking shape, which opens the curtain a little.

What’s the point?

When you interpret yourself, you learn to feel the cards. And this is a key moment in prediction, because it is not in vain that they say that a prediction tool and a predictor are a single whole. And when you learn to tune in to the cards, you can already compare your interpretations with generally accepted ones and correct them where necessary.

Remember that only your own interpretations should be primary. In prediction, rely only on yourself, other people’s interpretations are an auxiliary tool.

Ace of Wands Tarot Arcana: Dare to start a journey

Description: a hand from the cloud extends a staff. A castle can be seen behind.

Major Arcana Tarot 1 Mage (wizard)

Описание: молодой человек стоит перед столом, на котором находятся меч, жезл, кубок и пентакль, в поднятой правой руке он держит двустороннюю свечу, левая рука опущена вниз; над его головой символ бесконечности. Человек облачен в красную мантию, вокруг него цветы.   Основные значения карты в прямом положении: посредник (между источником и приемником); сила действовать и принимать [...]

Tarot Ace of Cups: sincere heart, fertility

Description: A hand from the cloud holds out a cup from which water flows, above the cup is a dove, he lowers a shield with a cross into the cup. The water from the cup flows into a pond full of blooming flowers.

Major Arcana Tarot Fool (Jester, jocker, madman)

Description: A young man stands on the edge of a cliff and looks up at the sky. His hands are spread apart, in his right hand he has a stick with a bundle, in his left — a flower. Beside him is a small dog. Around the mountain. Basic map values in upright position: 1. receptivity, [...]