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Arcana Tarot Three of Cups: celebration

Description: three girls are standing in the middle of a field with ripe vegetables and berries. In the hands, raised up, they each have a cup. Main values of the card in upright position: love and friendship; time of joy; success of the planned business; restoration of good relations; white streak in life; luck of [...]

Senior Arcana 3 Tarot The Empress (Mistress)

Description: A young woman sits on a soft throne in the middle of a wheat field. A river and a forest are nearby. The Mistress herself is dressed in a light dress, her head is crowned with a crown of twelve stars, she holds a scepter in her right hand. Main values of the card [...]

Tarot Arcana Two of Pentacles: ups and downs, turmoil

Description: a boy is playing with two pentacles while behind him 2 ships are rocking on huge waves.   Main values of the card in upright position: uncertainty, choice between equal options; great emotions; game, optimism despite the difficulties of choice or difficult decisions; chaoticity; indifference; spontaneity, dexterity; communicability; non-triviality; lack of one's own point [...]

Tarot Arcanum Two of Swords: impasse, armed truce

Description: a blindfolded woman in white clothes sits by a pond, with stones protruding behind her. She holds swords in her hands, crossing them. There is a growing moon in the sky.   Main values of the card in upright position: means a person who does not want to see anything and wants to protect [...]

Two of Wands Tarot Arcana: Possibilities

Description: a man stands on the roof or balcony of the castle and from there observes the picture that has opened (sea, mountains, village). In his right hand is a reduced model of the globe, in his left is a staff.   Main values of the card in upright position: time to think — is it [...]

Tarot Arcana Two of Cups: reciprocity

Description: a young man and a girl are standing opposite each other, each holding a cup in their hands. Above their heads is a lion's head with wings, and below it is a metal staff with snakes. A village or a house can be seen in the distance.   Main values of the card in [...]

Major Arcana Tarot The Priestess 2 (Nun)

Description: The nun sits near two columns — a black one on the right and a white one on the left, behind her are ripe pomegranates. A woman holds a scroll in her hands.   Main values of the card in upright position: female sensual beginning; harmony, balance of opposite beginnings; openness of soul, patience; archetype [...]

Ace of Pentacles tarot card: strong financial back

Description: a hand from a cloud extends a pentacle, against a green well-kept lawn, mountains and a castle. Main values of the card in upright position: 1. the most favorable card from the junior arcana; 2. union of primary elements; 3. the beginning of prosperity; 4. successful enterprises; 5. satisfaction; 6. personal achievements; 7. time [...]

Tarot Arcana Ace of Swords: the power of intelligence, conquest, triumph

Description: a hand from the cloud extends a sword, on which there is a crown. The crown is decorated with palm and olive branches. Mountains can be seen behind.   Main values of the Ace of Swords card in upright position: 1. gaining clarity in something: clarifying relationships, overcoming doubts; 2. solving the problem; 3. [...]

Ace of Wands Tarot Arcana: Dare to start a journey

Description: a hand from the cloud extends a staff. A castle can be seen behind.

Major Arcana Tarot 1 Mage (wizard)

Описание: молодой человек стоит перед столом, на котором находятся меч, жезл, кубок и пентакль, в поднятой правой руке он держит двустороннюю свечу, левая рука опущена вниз; над его головой символ бесконечности. Человек облачен в красную мантию, вокруг него цветы.   Основные значения карты в прямом положении: посредник (между источником и приемником); сила действовать и принимать [...]

Tarot Ace of Cups: sincere heart, fertility

Description: A hand from the cloud holds out a cup from which water flows, above the cup is a dove, he lowers a shield with a cross into the cup. The water from the cup flows into a pond full of blooming flowers.

Major Arcana Tarot Fool (Jester, jocker, madman)

Description: A young man stands on the edge of a cliff and looks up at the sky. His hands are spread apart, in his right hand he has a stick with a bundle, in his left — a flower. Beside him is a small dog. Around the mountain. Basic map values in upright position: 1. receptivity, [...]