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Ace of Wands Tarot Arcana: Dare to start a journey

Description: a hand from the cloud extends a staff. A castle can be seen behind.

 Ace Of WandsAce Of Wands

Main values of the card in upright position:

  • new beginnings;
  • creative potential;
  • big changes;
  • inheritance;
  • birth of a child;
  • opportunities;
  • entrepreneurship and courage;
  • inspiration, enthusiasm;
  • personality disclosure, inner growth;
  • life affirmation, optimism, joy of life;
  • lack of patience;
  • ambition, motivation;
  • fruitful partnership, commitment to each other;
  • flashes of passion;
  • success is on your side;
  • male power.

The main meanings of the map in an inverted position:

  • be careful, study the situation, do not do rash actions;
  • lack of energy;
  • you should not interfere in the events;
  • unfulfilled promises, dashed hopes, delayed action;
  • interrupted growth;
  • lack of motivation, initiative;
  • impotence, infertility;
  • excessiveness;
  • pessimism;
  • one promise and no action;
  • stubbornness, inflexibility.

Ace Of Wands

A shining hand emerging from a cloud clutches a staff decorated with fresh shoots and leaves. In the background — a landscape with a river, mountains and a fortress.

Ace of Zhezlov symbolizes fire, growth, vitality; this is the male principle, will, energy. It means not only fully realized desires, but also sufficient strength for their realization. Bravely take up the matter — and success will be yours, says this card.

In the everyday sense, it can mean masculine power: if it falls to a man, then he is fine with this matter, if for a woman — advice to find a husband.

In an inverted form, the Ace of Zhezlov, on the contrary, does not advise meddling in events, because the questioner may not have enough strength. In everyday terms, for men — problems with potency, for women — an indication of the absence of a man.

Other names of the arcana: ace of clubs, ace of sceptres.

DESCRIPTION: A hand emerging from a cloud holds a roughly hewn rod or club. A castle located on a remote hill means future prospects. Element: Fire.

EXPLANATION: A card of creative potential and new foundations, it predicts some big changes — a new career, a new business or fundamental changes in lifestyle. This card can foretell an inheritance, a new direction in your personal relationship or the birth of a child.

INVERTED CARD MEANING: Be careful — carefully assess and study the situation in which you find yourself. One selfish act can spoil a new business, other unforeseen circumstances can slow down your business. Maybe you don't have enough energy to see the project through.

LESSON FOR SELF-DEVELOPMENT: This is a map of imagination, creative energy and initiative, it reminds us that we all have great potential.

Ace Of Wands

The Ace of Wands Tarot is a sign of beginnings, perhaps inheritance, as well as a sense of satisfaction and triumph. Just like the other Aces, the Ace of Wands represents opportunities that have opened before us, or that we have yet to discover. The Zhezlov Ace of Suits means zeal, courage and willingness to take risks, as well as inspiration, enthusiasm and the disclosure of personality, and in the most important components. Given that Wands correspond to the element of fire, these components can safely include the strengthening of the will, convictions and moral principles, as well as other processes of internal maturation and growth. Thus, in general, the Ace of Wands symbolizes life affirmation, optimism and joy of life. Although, however, in some cases it indicates a lack of patience.

WORK: We are given the opportunity to find out what our vocation is, and thus finally realize our interests, talents and abilities. The range of meanings of this card extends from entrusting us with a difficult, brilliant and «our» task at the place of our immediate work to a unique chance to assert ourselves where we previously had no access. In any case, it shows ambition, extremely strong motivation and enthusiasm for the future business.

CONSCIOUSNESS: At the level of consciousness, this card represents a period when all our powers, convictions and will receive their full disclosure. This is a time of inner growth, self-discovery and self-awareness.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: A lively, fruitful partnership, a time of «rubbing up» with each other, an opportunity to create a cordial, humanly kind union or to bring kindness and love to an already existing union (albeit a little bored). In any case, this card indicates steadily growing affection for each other, good mutual understanding and the desire to do something together. And since the Ace of Wands is, of course, the element of fire, there can be explosions of temper and outbursts of passion, but everything should be without tragic consequences.

Aces in Tarot

An ace of any suit is the birth of each of the following cards of that suit. As the first card of a suit, the Ace represents the initial strength of the suit and is associated with the first number. The number one corresponds to the astrological signs of Aries and Leo. The Sun rules Leo and exalts in Aries. The Sun determines such character traits as leadership, strength, power, energy, initiative, ambition, courage, independence, originality, leadership ability. Negative features: abuse of position, ignorance, intimidation, dominance. All Aces in an inverted position indicate a selfish use of the energy of this card.

If there are many Aces in the schedule, this indicates new beginnings, ambition, new opportunities, new crops, which will be the beginning of a long stage of development. This is the best time to start the planned project. New acquaintances will appear in your environment or you will renew a relationship with a person you already know. Aces can predict that it is a good time to start implementing plans for changing professions or moving to a new place of residence.

Aces symbolize the beginning of another cycle of life. This is a time of new opportunities and expanded horizons. Yang energy promotes bold projects. Be ready to make an independent decision and take advantage of the opportunity for promotion. Yang energy predicts decisive actions of men at important moments.


Ace of Wands in upright position

Key words and phrases:Starting a new project — Energy. Birth. The power of the fire element. The power of inspiration. Tipping point. A new experience. Fresh ideas. New beginnings. Inspiration. Innovation. Optimism. The ability to look ahead. Ingenuity. Confidence. enthusiasm. Movement. Courage. A fertilized egg. A burst of creative energy. Increase in creative energy. Start. Forces set in motion. Art. Fertility. Plan. Height. Generation Male potency. Driving force. Making a dream come true. Phallus. Sexual passion. Exciting possibilities. Success in the new enterprise. Initiative. Energy directed at worthy projects. Birth news. An important business conversation. Good news. Perhaps the beginning of something very significant.

Situation and advice: You may be starting a new business. You have enough energy to start any promising project. You are open to new interests. Something is happening that can stimulate your professional growth. This is the time of beginnings, inventions and creativity.

People: Pioneers. Inventors. Entrepreneurs. Adventurers. Initiators. Creative and creative personalities.

Tuz Zhezlov in an inverted position

Key words and phrases: Broken promises. Interrupted growth. Crossed expectations. Action delay. Problems. The beginning of trouble. False start. Premature events. Abolition. Wasted energy. Disruption of plans. Misdirected efforts. Selfishness. Lack of interest or initiative. Unproductivity. Impotence. Infertility Miscarriage Abortion. Vain hopes. Poor planning. Didn't even try. Futility. Stopped progress. Sterility. Impotence. To be unyielding. Being too demanding. Lack of ideas. Pessimism. All talk and no action. Promises, promises, promises!

Situation and advice: Maybe a project with a lot of promise doesn't live up to its promise. The promise you were counting on will not be fulfilled. It is possible that you will not have enough energy to continue the project that you started with such enthusiasm. You may feel confused, powerless and unable to achieve your goal. Your own stubbornness or selfish behavior can cause all the problems.

People: Those who make promises but usually don't deliver. Unambitious, unproductive, incapable people. Stubborn and unyielding people who show selfishness, excessive pickiness, instability.


Meaning and inner content of the Ace of Wands arcana

Explanation in direct position:

  • Fecundity, Origin, Creation.
  • Source, Principle, Primacy, First Appearance, Withdrawal.
  • Race, Family, Position, Dwelling, Line, Descendant, Case, Cause, Mind, First, Initial.

Other meanings of the Ace of Wands tarot in upright position:

  • creative power, creation, invention, initiative, masculine beginning, luck
  • new beginnings, creativity, ingenuity
  • creation, creativity, enthusiasm, new ideas, career
  • luck, elevation, recognition, glory

The Ace of Wands Tarot means the beginning of a new business. Traditionally, this is a new job or the organization of a new production, but depending on the environment, the map can be interpreted as the birth of a child. The Ace of Wands also speaks of creative abilities, enthusiasm, innovation and vanity. Whichever of these qualities is the main one, the client can use them energetically to achieve his goal.

The Ace of Zhezlov Tarot card predicts an inspiring start to a new business or enterprise. Also, it's a good time to start. Circumstances are good, ideas and plans are correct. A state of satisfaction and triumph.

Interpretation in an inverted position:

  • Fall, Cascade, Decline, Slope, Extinction.
  • Reduction, Waste, Bankruptcy, Destruction, Spoilage, Desolation.
  • Error, Relaxation, Burden, Despair.
  • Death, Abyss, Abyss, Precipice.
  • To perish, to fall, to humiliate, to descend.
  • Depth.

Other meanings of the inverted Ace of Wands Tarot:

  • accident, death, disaster, bankruptcy, overshadowed joy
  • bad beginnings, motivation problems, disorder
  • for men it can mean impotence, for women — the inability to have children
  • lack of new ideas, rejection of new things, narrow-mindedness, mistakes, loss of meaning and purpose

The Ace of Wands Tarot in an inverted form speaks of the beginning of new affairs, the full implementation of which is prevented by various problems. Perhaps the wrong time was chosen for such an undertaking, or the Client lacks initiative and commitment. Poor planning, excessive expectations, disappointment and frustration are the inevitable results.

An inverted Ace of Wands tarot card is an accident and decline. Either the project was poorly conceived, or you didn't have enough information or skills to handle it, or the timing wasn't right. The cards, for example, may show that you could do it, but you lacked confidence in yourself and your venture. In any case, the result will be failure if the appropriate steps are not taken.


Starting a new venture, probably related to business or finance. Creation, invention and (or) source for them. The birth is usually a new business or idea. It is possible to receive an inheritance, monetary or property, or the inheritance of abilities necessary for the success of the started enterprise. The mood of the questioner is also favorable; sometimes the Ace of Wands tarot card means a sense of satisfaction and triumph. This interpretation is similar to the interpretation of the Ace of Swords, but in a more positive sense. The point here is not in conquest, not in victory over enemies, but in severing ties, throwing off shackles, which will allow you to start all over again; in fact, escape to freedom



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