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Tarot Arcana Ace of Swords: the power of intelligence, conquest, triumph

Description: a hand from the cloud extends a sword, on which there is a crown. The crown is decorated with palm and olive branches. Mountains can be seen behind.

 Ace Of SwordsAce Of Swords

Main values of the Ace of Swords card in upright position:
1. gaining clarity in something: clarifying relationships, overcoming doubts;
2. solving the problem;
3. birth of a child, conception;
4. conquest, triumph;
5. problems will soon disappear;
6. advice: if you have a new business, act thoughtfully;
7. advice: you should correctly assess your power (power);
8. sharpness of mind;
9. unequivocal decisions;
10. a new incentive;
11. freedom from addictions of various kinds;
12. serious conversation, problem solving between partners;
13. liberation from illusions — dissolution of the union;
14. freedom;
15. determination;
16. «there would be no happiness, but misfortune helped»;
17. logic, order, discipline;
18. the need for surgical intervention, medical examination;
19. a promising project may arise from an unpleasant situation;
20. pregnancy, embryo;
21. passion, excitement;
22. A new period in life.

The main meanings of the map in an inverted position:
1. the problem is not solved;
2. parting with someone;
3. a stroke of fate;
4. anxiety and depression;
5. threat of defeat;
6. sarcasm, incitement;
7. unclear thinking;
8. unnecessary gap;
9. abuse of power, destructiveness;
10. a difficult operation;
11. wound with a sharp object;
12. conception, birth of a child;
13. lack of strength;
14. failures in business;
15. injustice, violence, destruction;
16. problems with the law, with the authorities;
17. The beginning of a tense relationship.

Ace Of Swords

A hand emerging from the clouds clutches a sword crowned with a crown. The crown is decorated with palm and olive branches. In the background is a mountainous landscape.

A sword is an important magical symbol (magical sword, dagger). As a symbol of protection, it is depicted with the point down. Sometimes, if the point is pointed upwards, it is crowned with a crown: this is the symbol of the «sword of God». It's just that the sword is not depicted with the point up, because for ordinary people it can mean misfortune. However, in some decks such a false image occurs (the artist was not aware of this rule). Therefore, those who have the Ace of Swords depicted with an error, it is better to consider it «straight», i.e. its correct position — point down.

This rule does not apply to other cards of this suit.

The Ace of Swords is the element of air in its purest form. It represents thought and judgment. The sword destroys all illusions, helping to see things in their true light.

In the schedule, it can mean gaining clarity in something, whether it is solving a difficult task, clarifying relations with a partner or overcoming doubts. It is not for nothing that the Latin word «secare» also means «to understand», «to solve» (a problem), remember the Gordian knot.

The correct Ace of Swords means a decision, a solution to some problem, generally a sharp mind, or «getting rid of a burden», i.e. the birth of a child or a plan.

Inverted means that the problem is not solved, the «relieving of the burden» does not occur. Perhaps there is no solution to the task at all. Sometimes, on a purely everyday level, it can mean saying goodbye to someone or a stroke of Fate.


DESCRIPTION: A hand emerging from the clouds holds a sharp sword surrounded by a crown at the top. From the crown hangs an olive branch, representing the world, and a palm leaf, symbolizing victory. Above the hilt of the sword, the six letters Yod float in the air — six means balance. Element: Air.

EXPLANATION: This card represents conquest or triumph. Success is near. You are able to use your logic and intuition in solving matters that concern you, and your troubles will soon disappear. However, if you are involved in some new business, carefully plan your steps and do not act hastily.

REVERSED CARD MEANING: You allow your excessive power to influence your judgment. You are worried and depressed and expect the worst to happen. You are in danger of defeat.

LESSON FOR SELF-DEVELOPMENT: Ace is a sharp sword, so in this situation you should evaluate your personal power (power) in a global sense and not remain double-minded . Learn to respond intellectually and emotionally to the world around you. This means that you must develop your insight to the point where you are able to reconcile elements that may at first seem opposite to you.

Ace Of Swords

Each of the Aces represents a certain chance. The Ace of Swords corresponds to the higher Mind, that power of cognition that leads to clarity, consistency, and the ability to make decisions. In contrast to the next card (Two of Swords), which symbolizes the destructive power of doubt, here the work of the mind is carried out in the most pure, bright and liberating form. All the sharpness of mind that we have must be directed to penetrating the essence of the problem, without losing sight of the overall picture, without drowning the problem in a dispute about the form, but looking at the very content of the problem and not dismissing it by pressing on it as "insignificant " says this card.

WORK AND CAREER: A clear, clear idea of your business, which allows you to make completely unambiguous decisions, as well as a sign of a close solution to some confusing problem. Some fresh stream that gives a new stimulus to a routine business or moves the stalled negotiations from a standstill. Or a conversation that will put everything in its place and revive the «suffocating» atmosphere. The symbolism of sharpness and separation associated with this card may mean a deliberate decision to part ways with a former job.

CONSCIOUSNESS: Here this Ace shows that we need to take a new approach to a problem that has long seemed insoluble to us, to divide it into separate, accessible parts for analysis and deal with them one by one: just like this we will be able to solve the whole problem in general. Thanks to this ability to analyze and synthesize, we can find a way out of confusing situations, free ourselves from addictions of various kinds, and begin to move purposefully on a new path.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: The Ace of Swords can mean here a serious conversation that will bring freedom, or solving (and overcoming) a deep problem. In addition, a clear and sober look at the things with which this card is connected can mean liberation from illusions, that is, in the end, the dissolution of the union.

Aces in Tarot

An ace of any suit is the birth of each of the following cards of that suit. As the first card of a suit, the Ace represents the initial strength of the suit and is associated with the first number. The number one corresponds to the astrological signs of Aries and Leo. The Sun rules Leo and exalts in Aries. The Sun determines such character traits as leadership, strength, power, energy, initiative, ambition, courage, independence, originality, leadership ability. Negative features: abuse of position, ignorance, intimidation, dominance. All Aces in an inverted position indicate a selfish use of the energy of this card.

If there are many Aces in the schedule, this indicates new beginnings, ambition, new opportunities, new crops, which will be the beginning of a long stage of development. This is the best time to start the planned project. New acquaintances will appear in your environment or you will renew a relationship with a person you already know. Aces can predict that it is a good time to start implementing plans for changing professions or moving to a new place of residence.

Aces symbolize the beginning of another cycle of life. This is a time of new opportunities and expanded horizons. Yang energy promotes bold projects. Be ready to make an independent decision and take advantage of the opportunity for promotion. Yang energy predicts decisive actions of men at important moments.


Ace of Swords in straight position

Key words and phrases: You have great power at your disposal. The power of the Air element. Thews. Freedom. Determination. Mental energy. Courage. Fresh ideas. The power of words. Happiness and unhappiness would not have helped. The beginning of success. A sense of rhythm. Inevitable and radical changes. Energy concentration. Overcoming obstacles. A focused mind. logic. Order. Discipline. The ability to determine goals. Balanced actions. Rationality. The ability to carefully consider everything. Getting «in the bull's eye». Justice. Law. Legal issues. Authoritarianism. Willpower. Necessity of surgical intervention. Medical examination. Blood test. Injections. Every cloud has a silver lining. The pen is mightier than the sword. You need to think before you act. First the mind, then the feelings. Great prosperity or great poverty.

Situation and Advice: The Ace of Swords can indicate the beginning of a new intellectual project. Since Swords are associated with struggle, conflict, and hardship, this card indicates the likelihood of a promising project that may emerge from an unfavorable situation. The traditional meaning of this card is «strength in adversity»: difficulties and problems are in your favor. You need discipline and determination to overcome all obstacles and difficulties. Inevitable and painful changes in life can initiate something positive. You have great power at your disposal. You can focus your mind and efforts on achieving your goal. You need logic, balance and order. Sometimes this card indicates that the intervention of the law is needed to resolve the conflict. If you asked about your health, the Ace of Swords indicates the need for injections or surgery.

People: Champions. People with well-developed logic. Dominant individuals. Lawyers True fighters for their cause. Surgeons and other medical workers. People who save lives. Sharp tongues.


Ace of Swords in reversed position

Key words and phrases: Threats. Excessive force. «Heavy» hand. False victory. Fragmented speech. Sarcasm. Incitement. Opposition. Persecution. Action delay. Poor sense of tact. Obstacles. Illusions. Unclear thinking. Unnecessary break. Lack of planning. Abuse of power. Energy directed over that channel. Unnecessary wounds. Destructiveness. Immorality. Chaos. Operation. Dominance. Injustice. Dishonesty. Problems with the authorities. Problems with the law. Misuse of intelligence. Disrespect for the feelings of others. You are being used. Self-torture A difficult operation. Problems with medical intervention. You will make people laugh if you hurry. He who comes with a sword will perish by the sword. Power determines actions. Strike home. It's up to you!

Situation and Advice: You may be in a situation where you are being taken advantage of. It seems that you are exerting much more effort than necessary to achieve your goal. Be careful: don't overdo it, don't burn bridges. When the Ace of Swords appears in the chart, it usually indicates that you are throwing too much out of your life, sometimes too much. Remember that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Perhaps you should end a relationship in which a partner treats you cruelly or unfairly. Maybe you once hurt someone else and now it's your turn to be hurt. If your question was about health, this card warns that you can injure yourself with a sharp object or you will have complications after surgery. Sometimes the appearance of this card symbolizes conception, and under certain Arcana, the birth of a child.

People: Provocateurs. Self-torturers. Operators. Victims Pursuing maniacs.

Meaning and inner content of the Ace of Swords arcana

Tarot aces are traditionally considered to embody the qualities of an astrological element associated with a certain suit. The Ace of Swords Tarot in normal orientation means clarity of thought and intellectual focus. Practically, this means that the Client has decisively overcome the obstacles on his way, thanks to his willpower, and he is entering a new period in his life, which will bring him a well-deserved reward.

The Ace of Swords tarot card is triumph, prosperity, conquest, fertility. Birth (child, ideas, new hobby). Tremendous power has been used and/or can be used now in any area you choose. Extreme feelings related to this situation and the people around you; an excess of everything connected with it. You are on the crest of a wave.

Inverted explanation:

The inverted Ace of Swords Tarot means that the Client acts very intelligently in business, but in his relations with people he is rude and despotic and does not take into account their feelings in pursuit of his goals. In some situation, the Client may abuse his intellectual advantage, resorting to dishonest deals. Problems with the law or with the authorities are also possible.

An inverted Ace of Swords tarot card can mean the same thing as a straight one, but with disastrous consequences for the inquirers. You have won a great victory, but soon there will be, if not already, reasons to regret it. The beginning of strained relationships and emotional conflicts with others and even with oneself.


The Ace of Swords is a card of triumph. It emphasizes the idea of the triumph of strength: physical strength, willpower, strength acquired by position or circumstances. You begin this cycle as the king of the mountains: you have won a stunning victory or achieved a high position and are now feeling (or will soon feel) the euphoria of your victory. In addition, the Ace of Swords tarot card is a card of prosperity and fertility. Triumph can relate to any aspect of your life: work, love, financial affairs, any activity that captivated you. In fact, in this suit you have started where others finish: all your goals seem or are actually achieved.



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