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Tarot Ace of Cups: sincere heart, fertility

Description: A hand from the cloud holds out a cup from which water flows, above the cup is a dove, he lowers a shield with a cross into the cup. The water from the cup flows into a pond full of blooming flowers.

 Ace Of CupsAce Of Cups

Main values of the card in upright position:

  1. «Gift»;
  2. Creative rise;
  3. Purchase, discovery;
  4. Gift;
  5. Problems solve themselves;
  6. Success, luck, gift of fate (rather not material);
  7. Thanks, happiness in union;
  8. Chance;
  9. «The way to yourself»;
  10. Victory over deep fears (fear of destruction, fear of misunderstanding and loneliness);
  11. Sudden love;
  12. The happiness of mature love;
  13. Sensitivity;
  14. Contemplation;
  15. Ecstasy;
  16. Abundance.

The main meanings of the map in an inverted position:

  1. Gift to someone/bribe;
  2. The time for creativity has not yet come;
  3. There will be no «Gift of Fate»;
  4. Caring for your own ego;
  5. Not sensitivity;
  6. Selfish use of the gift;
  7. Unrequited love;
  8. Fading of love;
  9. Fear of emotional attachment;
  10. Loneliness;
  11. Woe, loss;
  12. Unpreparedness for love;
  13. Negative upheaval in life.


On the hand that comes out of the cloud, there is a cup: water from it pours into a lake covered with water lilies. A white dove hovers above the cup, holding in its beak a shield with a cross engraved on it — a symbol of the Spirit (the Holy Spirit in the Christian tradition).

In some versions of this card, streams of water or light surround the cup; then it means connection with the universe, harmony of man with himself and with the surrounding world.

This card means «Gift». It symbolizes feelings overflowing the heart. For an artist, writer, artist, it means a period of creative elevation, a «gift of the muses.» In general, it can mean some kind of acquisition, discovery, mainly of the spiritual plane. However, her prediction is also favorable in matters of love or commercial enterprises.

Unlike the Ace of Wands, on the contrary, she does not recommend interfering in the course of events: it is better to wait for the problems to resolve themselves. In this case, the Ace of Cups means a «gift of fate», a turn for the better.

In purely practical terms, it can mean just a gift, for example, for a birthday.

In an inverted form, it means that the time for the manifestation of abilities and creative potential has not yet come, or that there will be no «gifts of fate». In practical terms — a gift that you have to give someone (ie, maybe a bribe).
DESCRIPTION: A hand emerging from the clouds holds a chalice or goblet on a stem. A dove with a wafer in its beak descends over the bowl, and five rivulets of water flow from the edges of the vessel into the water lily pond located below. Leaves fall in the air. Element: Water.

EXPLANATION: The number One represents the beginning, and this cup is symbolic of the source of life. The dove symbolizes the Spirit, and the five streams of water represent the five senses. Spirit takes care of the world. This moment is the beginning of all good things — especially love, joy, beauty and health. In addition, it can mean a new development of your spiritual perception of reality.

REVERSED CARD MEANING: You are now closed to the feelings of the heart and too involved in the concerns of your ego, in particular, too self-centered to understand other people's problems.

LESSON FOR SELF DEVELOPMENT: You must go beyond your selfish concerns to realize your true spiritual potential. Spirit nourishes all things. Open yourself to this higher wisdom and take it into your heart.

Туз кубков

The Ace of Cups is one of the best cards in the Tarot deck. Like other aces, it indicates the greatest chance that is open to us; it can be a chance for full self-realization. What this means for each individual depends on their own expectations. The range of meanings of this card includes joy, gratitude, contentment, success, happiness and unity. In the first place, of course, is love as the greatest gift in all its manifestations: love for one's neighbor, for parents, sensual-erotic love, love for oneself and love for God. But it can also manifest itself on a daily, everyday level — as luck, luck, a gift of fate, although, as a rule, without a material substrate: the Ace of Denarius is more likely responsible for material «gifts». In any case, it should be clear to us that the Ace of Kubkov marks some extremely good chance that opens before us or before what we have planned for ourselves; but this chance does not materialize by itself, for this you need to make an effort.

WORK: In terms of work, the Ace of Cups means that we are on the right path, which will lead us not only to tangible results and professional growth, but above all to the realization of our own vocation. Thus, here this card also opens up a unique chance for us — a chance to find a harmonious unity of everyday work and the process of self-realization. And, since this process takes place not so much in the external as in the internal world of a person, he can achieve a sense of complete self-realization by working both as a janitor and a professor of tropical medicine. In normal situations, this card can mean the fulfillment of all kinds of wishes related to work — for example, success in an exam or certification, the implementation of planned plans, the implementation of a project, etc.

CONSCIOUSNESS: Here, the Ace of Cups means «the path to oneself», knowing one's deep «I» and finding answers to such deep questions as self-confidence, belief in one's own strengths and reliance on them. It is also the victory over three deep fears: the fear of destruction, the despair of others' incomprehension, and the inconsolable loneliness. Thus, this card shows that through meditation or other spiritual practices we can achieve that blissful state that the ancestors tried unsuccessfully to describe as «the touch of Eternity» or «Oneness».

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: In the sphere of relationships, the Ace of Cups means the fulfillment of desires, first of all — the desire for true Love. The chances that open before us can mean sudden love, and the happiness of mature love, and deep mutual trust, and a sense of security and confidence in the future.

Aces in the Tarot

An ace of any suit is the birth of each of the following cards of that suit. As the first card of a suit, the Ace represents the initial strength of the suit and is associated with the first number. The number one corresponds to the astrological signs of Aries and Leo. The Sun rules Leo and exalts in Aries. The Sun determines such character traits as leadership, strength, power, energy, initiative, ambition, courage, independence, originality, leadership ability. Negative features: abuse of position, ignorance, intimidation, dominance. All Aces in an inverted position indicate a selfish use of the energy of this card. If there are many Aces in the schedule, this indicates new beginnings, ambition, new opportunities, new crops, which will be the beginning of a long stage of development. This is the best time to start the planned project. New acquaintances will appear in your environment or you will restore relations with a person you already know. Aces can predict that it is a good time to start implementing plans for changing professions or moving to a new place of residence. Aces symbolize the beginning of another cycle of life. This is a time of new opportunities and expanded horizons. Yang energy promotes bold projects. Be ready to make an independent decision and take advantage of the opportunity for promotion. Yang energy predicts decisive actions of men at appropriate moments.

Ace of Cups in upright position

Key words and phrases: Emotional renewal. An influx of new feelings. The power of the Water element. The power of imagination. Food for the spirit and emotions. Love. Happiness. Friendship. Kindness. Peace. Sensitivity. Contemplation. The beginning of a creative project. Art. Poetry. Joy. Ecstasy. Abundance. The first thrills of love. Gentle feelings. Love. New relationships or restoration of old ones. Compassion. Public life. Partnership. A positive result of the relationship. Health. Novel. Marriage. A loving union. Fertility. Pregnancy. Birth of a child. Motherhood. Engagement. Gift. Platonic love. Extraordinary abilities.

Situation and Advice: The Ace of Cups indicates new beginnings in your emotional life. You may be in a relationship that could lead to marriage, long-term friendship, or close emotional bonds. If your question was about a possible pregnancy, then soon you will become a mother. If you have already established a close relationship with anyone in your life, then perhaps their emotional renewal awaits you right now. There is a high probability of receiving a gift from a close friend or loved one. Love and happiness will come to you soon. The Ace of Cups is always the beginning, especially in matters of the heart.

People: Lovers. Artists. Mediums. Compassionate people.

Ace of Cups in inverted position

Key words and phrases: Unrequited love. Loss of a loved one. A broken heart. You have been rejected. Fading love. The end of the novel. Relationship problems. Love by calculation. Fear of emotional attachment. Solitude. Grief. Loss. Separation. Tears Depression, Sadness. Sorrow. Upset Depression. Selfishness. Focusing only on your needs. Manipulation. Sex without love. Sterility. Not ready for love. Delaying the start of a relationship. Problems in marriage. Misfortune. Playing with another person's feelings. A life devoid of emotions. Emotional outbursts.

Situation and Advice: The Ace of Cups upside down suggests that you are unhappy in your emotional life. Perhaps you are coming to your senses after a loss, separation or disappointment in a relationship with someone. Perhaps you are beginning to realize that the friendship that exists will never develop into love. Someone plays with your feelings, or someone makes you react too emotionally. Your lover is probably more interested in sex than in a long-term relationship. It seems to you that you are not loved, you are being manipulated. You feel emotionally drained. An unexpected change in the situation in love and friendship is possible.

People: Those who have been abandoned or rejected. Unhappy and upset people.

Meaning and inner content of the Ace of Cups arcana

Explanation in direct position:

  • Table, Lunch, Dishes, Treats, Invited dinner, Food, Catering, Food supplies.
  • Guests, Service.
  • Invitation, Request, Convocation.
  • Hotel, Tavern.
  • Majority, Fertility, Productivity, Strength, Steadfastness, Immobility, Constancy, Duration, Continuation, Consequence, Perseverance, Diligence, Firmness, Courage.
  • Table, Picture, Image, Hieroglyph, Description.
  • Tablets, Briefcase, Desk.
  • Table of Nature, Bronze Table, Marble Table, Law.
  • Catalogue, Contents.
  • Sacred tablet.


Other meanings of the Ace of Cups tarot in upright position:

  • emotional growth, birth of love, sincerity, joy, abundance
  • happiness, good relationships, creativity
  • symbol of happiness and fulfillment of wishes, love, marriage, birth of a child

Aces generally mean new opportunities. The Ace of Cups Tarot indicates the beginning of a very favorable period for the Client: joy, happiness and love in full measure. Such personal relationships as friendship, romance and even marriage are especially favorable. The ruling element of Cups — Water — is associated with the feminine beginning in nature, so along with the qualities characteristic of women — sensitivity, self-awareness, and intuition — the card speaks of creative and mental activity.

The Ace of Cups tarot card is fertility, fecundity, abundance of everything, especially in love. The beginning of love, the consolidation of a union, favorable and useful for all. True love, joy, abundance. Fun and celebration.

Inverted explanation:

  • Change, Permutation, Transformation, Damage, Error, Variety, Variety, Impermanence, Frivolity.
  • Exchange, Swap, Buy, Sell, Bargain, Deal, Deal.
  • Variety, Variability, Overturn, Upheaval, Revolution, Return, Translation, Clarification.

Other meanings of the reversed Ace of Cups tarot:

  • instability, selfishness, manipulation of a loved one, sudden change of situation
  • emotional shocks, insecurity, anxiety
  • something new, choice, unstable situation, variability

An incorrectly oriented Ace of Cups Tarot is evidence of a revolution in life, which will leave the Client feeling insecure, dissatisfied and useless. The reason for this may be bad relations with others or the consequences of their complete break. The Ace of Cups Tarot is a symbol of instability. Lying heart, disappointment in relationships. The change in relations is most likely caused by all this. Can mean infidelity and deception.


The Ace of Cups Tarot symbolizes fertility, celebration, fun, and the formation of a useful union. From this moment on, marriage or other partnerships will be happy and will benefit both partners. The appearance of the Ace of Cups Tarot card in the schedule also suggests the possibility of such a union; predicts the beginning of true and lasting love.


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