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Tarot Arcana Two of Cups: reciprocity

Description: a young man and a girl are standing opposite each other, each holding a cup in their hands. Above their heads is a lion's head with wings, and below it is a metal staff with snakes. A village or a house can be seen in the distance.

 Ryder White Tarot Two of CupsTwo New Vision Cups

Main values of the card in upright position:

  • the beginning of love or a good acquaintance;
  • climbing to a new level of spiritual development;
  • friendship, love;
  • possibility of having a child;
  • favorable outcome of the case;
  • reconciliation;
  • warm reception, hospitality;
  • green light for any business;


The main meanings of the map in an inverted position:

  • there is a possibility of happiness, joy, success, but now this possibility is not available;
  • relationship disorder;
  • love turned into hatred and despair;
  • desire, attractiveness, lust;
  • jealousy;
  • illusion;
  • it is worth avoiding hasty decisions;

The Two of Cups Tarot

Lovers hold out their cups to each other; sometimes the head of a lion or an angel hangs above them. Below is usually depicted a magic wand with two snakes coiled around it.

This card means the beginning of love or a good acquaintance, the result of which will be the emergence of something new, the ascent to a new level of spiritual development, the formation of some new power (compare with the «Leo card», i.e. with Arcana of Force VIII).

When answering questions about relationships between partners, it also means friendship and love; in addition, it indicates the fundamental possibility of having a child (this is important when, for example, there is an assumption of childlessness). In order for this opportunity to be realized, the appearance of one of the cards that directly indicate the birth of a child is required.

When answering other questions, it also portends not only a favorable outcome of the case, but also the emergence of some new quality, a new direction of development.

In practice, thus, the forecast this card gives is favorable, but it mainly concerns the relationship of two, unlike the Three, which means the joy of many (family, group, collective ).

And even in an inverted form, it indicates that there is a possibility of happiness, success, joy, only at the moment it is difficult to realize it for some reason.

Only when compared to the higher cards of Cups, such as the Nine or Ten, can it represent a relatively small success compared to a possible larger one.


DESCRIPTION: A man and a woman pledge their love and devotion to each other. They have cups in their hands. Above them is a winged lion's head, and below, between two cups, a caduceus with entwining serpents. Element: Water.

EXPLANATION: This card symbolizes a love connection between two people. It can be an ordinary marriage, an agreement on mutual cooperation, or simply a state of harmony in which two people are happy. This card embodies balance and understanding, reminding us that through mutual support we can achieve our goals. The caduceus was traditionally a staff carried by Hermes, or Mercury, the messenger of the gods, symbolizing the balance between Heaven and Earth. The winged lion is a fusion of Spirit and brute force. This card represents the beginning of a new love or friendship, as well as the discussion of positive ideas for the future.

INVERTED CARD MEANING: Your relationship has fallen apart. Disagreements create obstacles in the way of progress. Love turned into hatred and despair.

LESSON FOR SELF DEVELOPMENT: Value and respect the contributions of both parties in your love relationship. Kindness and mutual respect can unite your hearts together.

Two of Cups

The Two of Cups means a combination of lovers. It can be a new acquaintance, reconciliation with a former lover or a manifestation of good feelings in a union. The meaning of this card affects first of all the deeply personal, intimate sphere, no matter what it is about — a light flirtation, a sudden crush, a meeting after a long separation or the beginning of a new friendship or love relationship. But it can also mean a warm welcome, hospitality, when we arrive somewhere in unfamiliar places, go on a business trip or negotiations.

JOB AND CAREER: Good atmosphere, a spirit of camaraderie and cooperation, in short, a place where it is pleasant to work. If this card falls out in response to a question about a possible job change, it means that a friendly reception awaits you in a new place, that new colleagues and managers will help you get into the rhythm. The same applies to such intentions as finding a job, opening one's own company, in general, to any business and project.

AWARENESS: Here, the Two of Cups means that we are primarily concerned with issues of love and harmony, and that we are ready to open our souls to other people. It often means an optimistic, life-affirming view of the world around us, and we owe this to a certain important meeting that at one time changed a lot in our soul. The card can also show that we have realized the great importance of love for our neighbor, and now we build our lives on its basis.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: This is the main area of activity of the Two of Cups. It represents the period of falling in love, courtship, during a new acquaintance, which changes a lot in life. But it can also be a feeling that has arisen again between former partners, or a bright period of life in a union, as well as reconciliation after a quarrel or a period of alienation.

Deuces in the Tarot

The deuce is associated with the Moon and the astrological sign of Cancer. People born under the sign of Cancer, as a rule, have a well-developed imagination, are often shy, reserved, gentle, vulnerable, sensual, emotional and receptive. Most often, they choose professions in which it is necessary to provide help, treat, engage in charity and public work. Those born under the sign of Cancer love music, poetry, history, painting, dancing, theater. These people definitely need support, as they are prone to credulity, emotional imbalance, and oversensitivity.

The appearance of deuces in the schedule indicates the need for a choice. Most likely, this choice requires cooperation, teamwork, patience, balance, tact, education and diplomacy. The foundation laid by the Aces of each suit must be built upon further, as the Aces represent only the first steps. A gentle rather than an aggressive approach can lead to success. Many short trips are possible.

Twos represent Yin energy, which promotes cooperation, partnership, friendship, and receptivity. Yin energy most often corresponds to women, who can play an important role in those matters that you asked about before starting the fortune-telling. This is the waiting time when the seeds planted in the previous period will germinate. If there are deuces in the schedule, think carefully before making any important decision.

Two of Cups in upright position

Key words and phrases: Division of duties. Warmth. Attractiveness. The initial stage of harmonious relations. Novel. Love. Atmosphere of happiness. Mutual exchange. Connection. Friendship. Balanced relationship. Business agreement. A balance between the ability to give and receive. Cooperation. Reciprocity. Kindness. Favor. Cessation of hostilities. Understanding. Emotional balance. Harmony. Union. Mutual respect. General interests. Loyalty in friendship. Platonic love (according to certain Arcana). Signing contracts or agreements. Engagement. Marriage. Explanation in love. A passion based on deep feelings.

Situation and advice: The Two of Cups implies the continuation of harmonious relations. If you were involved in the discussion, you can easily reach a compromise. Now is a good time to work with other people. Maybe a solution to some problem or reconciliation awaits you ahead. You may be able to sign a profitable contract or make a deal. If your question was about love relationships, then the Two of Cups portends harmony, understanding, friendship, love. Perhaps the result of your romantic relationship will be an engagement or a wedding. Everything around you is imbued with the spirit of cooperation. Perhaps a gift is waiting for you.

People: Couples. Partners Friends. Beloved Colleagues Lovers, but not yet spouses.


Two of Cups in an inverted position

Key words and phrases: Denial. Disappointment. Break. Termination of the agreement or contract. Troubled relationships. Incompatibility. Lack of commitment. Unrequited love. Separation from a loved one. Distrust. Insincerity. Spores Incomprehension. Disagreement. Conflicts. Reckless behavior. Unwarranted trust. The inequality between what a person gives and what he receives in return. Broken agreements. Disharmony. Insult. Hatred. Quarrels Disagreements. Injustice. Parting Divorce. A breakup that is hard to live with. Divorce is like a small death. I hate you.

Situation and advice: You may have to part with someone dear to you. The card indicates that you are in a situation where your trust is not justified, you have been rejected, you have encountered reckless behavior, your feelings have been hurt, or your romantic relationship with someone< /span> are not developing as you would like. An atmosphere of disharmony surrounds you. Someone may respond with selfishness in response to another person's selfish behavior, and this situation will lead to conflict. One of the partners only gives, the other only receives. A passion that has nothing to do with love. For women, this card may indicate the possible escape of a lover.

People: Former partners. Those who do not justify trust. Those who can only take without giving anything in return.

Meaning and inner content of the Arcana of the Two of Cups

In the interpretation of the Two of Cups Tarot, the main theme is partnership. The client either already has connections with someone influential, respected and reliable, or he will have such a partnership in the future. Of course, it can be about a love affair — in this case, the card predicts long-term happiness. But mutual understanding and fruitful cooperation, as well as resolution of professional disagreements, are expected in the business relations of the Client and his partners.

The meaning of the tarot card Two Cups: love, friendship, closeness, affection. Union, partnership. Mutual sympathy, cordiality, harmony. Most often I point to a heterosexual or heterosexual union; in some prophecies it may refer to other alliances or partnerships, future or present.


The inverted Two of Cups tarot card indicates personal or business disputes and disagreements with partners, which can lead to the end of cooperation. The client should avoid hasty actions and rash decisions, which will accelerate the course of events and which he will later regret.

For another meaning of the reversed Two of Cups tarot card, the same positive predictions remain as for the straight card. Negative cards surrounding the Two of Cups can delay its influence over time or create obstacles in the way of people involved in relationships. But even a negative influence cannot change the prediction. It's a union, whatever it may be, it's equally good for you and your partner or partners.


Unit added to Unit: The Two of Cups Tarot symbolizes partnership, marriage, union. No matter what kind of relationship is described, new ones will appear or old ones will strengthen, they will be based on harmony.



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  1. Маруся says:

    Значение прямой и перевернутой карты совпадает.

  2. Ирина says:

    Исправьте перевёрнутое значение, в трактовке Льюиса.

  3. Антонина says:

    Двойка Кубков в перевёрнутом положении: Окончание отношений. Разрыв.

    Ключевые слова и фразы:. Отказ. Разочарование. Разрыв отношений. Расторжение договора или контракта. Проблемные отношения. Несовместимость. Отсутствие преданности. Безответная

    любовь. Разлука с любимым. Недоверие. Неискренность. Споры. Непонимание. Несогласие. Конфликты. Необдуманное поведение.Неоправданное доверие. Неравенство между тем, что человек даёт и что получает взамен. Расторгнутые соглашения. Дисгармония. Обида. Ненависть. Ссоры. Разногласия. Несправедливость. Расставание. Развод. Разрыв, который сложно пережить. Расставание — маленькая смерть. Я ненавижу тебя.

    Ситуация и совет: Возможно, вам придется расстаться с тем, кто вам дорог. Карта свидетельствует о том, что вы находитесь в ситуации, когда ваше доверие не оправдано, вас отвергли, вы столкнулись с необдуманным поведением, ваши чувства ранили или же ваши

    романтические отношения с кем-то развиваются не так, как вам того хотелось бы. Вас окружает атмосфера дисгармонии. Кто-то может ответить эгоизмом в ответ на эгоистичное поведение другого человека, и такая ситуация приведет к конфликту. Один из партнеров только дает, другой — только принимает. Страсть, не имеющая ничего общего с любовью. Для женщин эта карта может указывать на возможное бегство любовника.

    Люди: Бывшие партнеры. Те, кто не оправдывают доверия. Те,кто способны лишь брать, ничего не давая взамен.

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    Какие карты кроме двойки кубков Вы бы отнесли к тем, что предсказывают правильный выбор партнёра и взаимную любовь?

    • Timal says:

      Я бы не доверял делать этот выбор картам вообще. Это перекладывание ответственности. Нужно задавать конкретные вопросы. Например, та же любовь даже будучи взаимной как долго она продлится. Любой ответ будет с подвохом, то что произойдет зависит от выбора.

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