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One-day fasting: benefits and techniques

Fasting is an ancient way of cleansing the body and mind. It is part of many religious and spiritual practices. Fasting for a day can be a great way to experience this without having to give up food for a long time. It can be a 40-day fast, when you limit yourself in food, consuming, as a rule, vegetable light food. Or strict fasting when you can't eat at all.

In 2016, the Japanese Yoshinori Ohsumi was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for the «Discovery of Autokephagy Mechanisms». In 2 words, the essence of his research is as follows:

If the human body does not receive proteins for a long time, 24-72 hours, the body begins to digest itself. First of all, the body is engaged in breaking down dead cells and all kinds of bacteria. In this way, the blood, lymph and other tissues are naturally cleaned of disease-causing organisms.

If a person regularly receives a balanced diet, it is easier for the body to obtain protein from food than by breaking down old and diseased cells. In addition, when the test subjects came out of starvation, an increase in the number of stem cells and growth hormone was observed, that is, not only did old tissues break down, but also the renewal of the whole body after coming out of starvation.

Benefits of one-day fasting

The benefits of one-day fasting are that it can:

  • help focus and concentrate on work;
  • improve gastrointestinal digestion;
  • improve sleep quality;
  • increase energy and mood;
  • reduce the risk of developing diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


In addition, it is believed that fasting can help with:

1. Infectious and viral diseases. Because lymphocytes destroy bacteria, infected and weakened cells that are not used by organelles inside the cells themselves. Personally, I do this for colds and ARVI.

2. Any cleansing of the body, because during fasting, all ineffective structures are destroyed, and the gastrointestinal tract is also cleansed.

3. According to a number of studies, it is believed that fasting also potentially improves the clinical picture in cancer and AIDS patients (in studies, various fasting schemes were considered, but one-day fasting was not among them, but the physiological mechanism is similar).


However, before starting a one-day fast, you must consider the following points:

  • Consult your doctor if you have health problems such as diabetes or heart health problems.
  • Fasting is not recommended if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have insufficient blood glucose levels.
  • Before fasting, take enough water to avoid dehydration.
  • During fasting, it is necessary to rest and avoid physical activity.

Fasting as austerity

If everything has become transparent with the physical mechanisms in the body itself, then very little is known about the spiritual and energetic side of the issue. Fasting is practiced by yogis and it is believed that this increases their inner tension «tapas». Fasting is even used by dark magicians to gain energy and prepare for various practices. Let's try to figure out what is the benefit of fasting.

For the first time in practice, I got acquainted with the practice of one-day fasting as an austerity. For 16 weeks, every Monday, the person completely refused any food, consuming only a moderate amount of water. Shortly after that, rereading a literary work of the 18th century, I came across a mention of such a practice as «Monday» (Mone< span lang="uk-UA">division). Studying this question more deeply, I found out that this practice was common among women as a spiritual practice and was used along with prayers. That is, strict fasting on Mondays was used to achieve spiritual goals: as a request for intercession for a husband or children, as atonement, to fight an illness or for self-improvement. In a later era, this spiritual practice degenerated into a tradition of idleness for women on Monday, and the original meaning was forgotten.

In various Indian traditions, the practice of fasting on the days of the week is designed to help work out the qualities of the planet in the horoscope. That is, by fasting on each day of the week, we improve one of the Septenary planets:

  • Fasting on Monday helps to process the Moon.
  • Fasting on Tuesday helps improve Mars.
  • Fasting on Wednesdays improves the condition of Mercury.
  • Fasting every Thursday strengthens Jupiter.
  • Fasting every Friday helps to process Venus.


Fasting on Saturdays helps to process Saturn and weakens the negative influence of Saturn.

Fasting on Sundays improves the Sun and everything that corresponds to solar qualities.

According to Indian traditions, it is believed that to achieve tangible benefits, you need to practice one-day fasting for 16 consecutive weeks or more.

Techniques of starvation

If you decide to try one-day fasting, here are some techniques that may help:

1. Prepare for the front

Prepare to starve in a few days. Cutting back on food for a few days before fasting can help your body get used to the idea of eating less or not eating at all. Also consider eliminating heavy foods such as meat, sugar and fatty foods from your diet.

2. Choose a day with a low activity level

Choose a day when you have a low activity level so you don't put too much stress on your body. For example, if you're used to exercising, try fasting on a weekend when you don't normally exercise.

3. Start with breakfast

Start your day with a breakfast consisting of healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. This will help you feel full at the start of the day and prepare your body for a day of fasting.

4. Keep yourself busy

Keep yourself busy throughout the day to take your mind off food. Read a book, watch a movie, take a walk in the park or do something creative.

5. Drink enough water

During fasting, do not forget about adequate hydration. Drink water or non-caloric beverages to avoid dehydration.

6. End the day with a light dinner

End your day with a light dinner made up of light and healthy foods, such as a salad. Avoid heavy and fatty foods so as not to overload your body.


According to Indian traditions, it is believed that to achieve tangible benefits, you need to practice one-day fasting for 16 consecutive weeks or more.

The magic of fasting

Thus, from the point of view of fasting magic can be used as follows:

1. Set of energy. As with any reasonable self-restraint, fasting allows you to accumulate energy, which will positively affect the overall productivity of practices. However, you need to understand that if such a refusal to eat causes suffering or significant discomfort, then all the accumulated energy will burn in the emotions and thoughts caused by this discomfort.

2. To cleanse the body. Firstly, fasting itself triggers such an effect, because energy obtained from food is considered more «dirty» than energy obtained from clean sources. After all, first of all, you can buy food from us of far from the best quality, also food from a store or market absorbs a lot of energy background. And in the case of meat or fish, if they were not cleaned in a special way before that, we also get residual energies of emotions that they felt before death and during life. That is, if food is not specially purified, it is always «dirty» energy infected with many programs. In addition, often energetic parasites, in the absence of usual food, can also detach or leave the host's body.

3. More effective assimilation of energies from thin material sources. In the fasting mode, the processes of replenishing the body's energy from other sources are launched, that is, during hunger, many meditative and prayer practices will bring much more benefit, since the body will strive to be more deeply filled with energy from this source and distribute these energies throughout the body, filling the lack of energy from food. .

4. There is an opinion that fasting improves the ability to perceive information from a subtle plane, clairvoyance, clairvoyance, etc. Unfortunately, I can neither confirm nor deny this statement. In my experience, there is no direct connection, and this effect is more likely to be related to the cleansing of the body as a result of this practice than to the specific effect of fasting.

Negative aspects of one-day fasting

However, there is clearly a significant shortage of starvation, even a short-term one. In conditions of constant contact with unfavorable energy, if a person does not know how to protect himself from its negative influence, the body will absorb it more intensively. That is, fasting also implies a kind of spiritual cleansing, otherwise we will clog up with everyday «dirt» even more.

Thus, it is easy to come to the conclusion that it is useful to starve in a spiritually and physically clean place protected from harmful informational and energy influences. In this case, fasting or simple fasting will bring maximum benefit.

Personal experience of one-day fasting

As for me, I practiced the 16 week fast on Tuesday. As early as the fifth week, I felt an influx of strength for a day without food. Yoga classes and any physical activity on fasting days were of higher quality. Moreover, some of the fasting days I not only did not eat, but also did not drink water at all. I did not feel any particular discomfort from such a restriction. In general, I liked the changes in the process of this practice and in the future I plan to continue practicing daily fasting, but at the same time, instead of once a week, I will practice 2 times a month.

Despite the fact that it is believed that fasting, even for a day, is not useful for thin people, as a person with a thin body, I can say that despite the practice of fasting, my weight has not changed in any way. Measuring my weight before and after the day of fasting, I noted that the weight also did not change, the fluctuations were within 1 kg. So you can't earn anorexia in this way. Moreover, I gained a couple of kilograms of muscle mass as a result of physical exertion. But for obese people, one-day fasting is a great way to lose excess weight, due to cleansing the body and setting it up for a more efficient metabolism. The main thing in this matter is regularity.

However, I am forced to note that during the cold weather, when I had to travel a lot in cold weather, after leaving fasting, I lost 2-3 kilograms. That is, cold is more energy-consuming for the body than physical exertion. But during the next day, I replenished that weight loss.


According to the results, I would say that this 16-week practice had the most significant effect on the sphere of consciousness. In itself, this self-restraint made it possible to strengthen willpower, besides, taking into account the fact that every Tuesday I had to resist public opinion, I also learned a certain flexibility and moral stability. In addition, the well-being of the body has improved many times, already from 5 weeks I felt more cheerful, stronger and more energetic.

Fasting for a day can be good for your body and help it to cleanse itself of toxins and excesses. However, make sure that you are ready for such a challenge and follow all the recommendations so as not to harm your health. If you have medical contraindications or you are not sure of your options, contact your doctor for advice.

We remind you that one-day fasting is not a panacea for all diseases and cannot replace a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. It can be just one of the tools for maintaining health and helping the body to undergo cleansing.

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