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Tarot Arcanum Two of Swords: impasse, armed truce

Description: a blindfolded woman in white clothes sits by a pond, with stones protruding behind her. She holds swords in her hands, crossing them. There is a growing moon in the sky.

 Ryder White's Two of Swords TarotTwo of Swords New Vision

Main values of the card in upright position:

  • means a person who does not want to see anything and wants to protect himself from everything; two swords represent two factors that caused a person to close (draw 2 more cards to find out what these factors are);
  • advises to leave the person or problem alone;
  • future problems if a person does not decide on the direction of his movement;
  • intelligence overload (that is, when intelligence no longer helps);
  • reluctance to make a choice;
  • restraint of emotions;
  • fast movement to nowhere;
  • settlement of all issues;
  • a gift for a woman;
  • influential protection for a man;
  • friendship, love;
  • stability, peace of mind;
  • equilibrium of two opposing forces;

The main meanings of the map in an inverted position:

  • advises to intervene in a person's problem, to help him; take any measures;
  • dishonest dealings;
  • way out of the dead end;
  • emotions burst to the surface;
  • perfidy, slander;
  • two years;
  • variability and lies from an «ally»;

Two of Swords Tarot

«Don't touch me» — that's how you could call this card. The person depicted on it (usually a woman, but sometimes a man) holds two crossed swords. The crescent of the growing moon can be seen in the dark sky.

His pose is a defensive pose. She/he doesn't want to see anything and demands to be left alone. She wants to protect herself from her own thoughts and feelings, because they scare and annoy. And the two swords can symbolize the two factors that made her adopt such a pose. To clarify them, you can draw two more cards.

The schedule usually means advice: leave the person or problem alone, do not interfere.

In the inverted form, on the contrary, advises to intervene, offer help or take measures in general.



DESCRIPTION: A young woman with a blindfold is sitting on a bench. She crossed her arms with swords on her chest. Behind it, pointed stones (rocks) protrude from the sea. The crescent moon illuminates her with its light. Element: Air.

EXPLANATION: This card represents a shaky balance. The young woman's eyes are blindfolded, perhaps she does not want to face some of the obstacles that have arisen — they are represented by stones protruding from the water. However, her posture shows calm immobility and patience. When you draw this card, you feel the need to balance your rational and intuitive abilities with the lack of courage necessary to break out of the impasse you have gotten yourself into. Perhaps you will try to protect yourself from someone, although in fact no one threatens you. This card indicates future problems if you do not decide on the direction of your movement.

MEANING OF THE REVERSED CARD: Beware of unscrupulous dealers. You are free to move on, but danger is still nearby. Do all your business with great care.

LESSON FOR SELF-DEVELOPMENT: Perhaps you are your own worst enemy. Don't step on the throat of your own song.

Two of Swords Tarot

This card indicates situations in which a person is surrounded by strong doubts that literally consume. Sometimes it is a desperate attempt to strain all your intelligence to develop a position and find a way to a solution. However, true conviction arises when we are aware of the problem and only at the level of feelings. And this area of the subconscious (on the map — symbols of the sea and the Moon) turned out to be cut off from the rest. Crossed swords are the limits of the intellect, which close access to it. Thus, the card represents the unpleasant situation we find ourselves in when we rely too much on logic, refusing to listen to our inner voice. The Two of Swords is the opposite of the Priestess, whose kinship is suggested by the sitting position of both. The blue tones, which embody the intuition of the Priestess, are pushed into the background here. The female figure in gray, on a gray support, perhaps symbolizes the colorlessness of thought, empty considerations — the same «dry theory» that Goethe wrote about. In folk tales, a gray wolf often serves as a symbol of such «corrosive» power of doubt.

JOB AND CAREER: We have reached a point where logic no longer helps us choose the next course of action, but we stubbornly refuse to rely on intuition. Of course, it won't hurt to consider the details «with your head», but if we continue to suppress our feelings, we will never find a fundamental solution to the problem.

AWARENESS: The card speaks of excellent analytical abilities. This is a map of the intellect, capable of gradually, in parts, understanding the most confusing problems. The danger is only because at the end of this analysis, our further path may be blocked by a mountain of these smallest parts obtained as a result of the analysis, from which we could not synthesize anything new. As long as the path to the sea, which symbolizes wholeness, remains closed, we can only build ever more puzzling imaginary structures, perhaps even brilliant ones, but we will never achieve peace with ourselves. The stricter our logic is, the more logically we will come to the conclusion made by the great skeptic Descartes: «Everything that is probable is most likely false.»

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Internal disorder, skepticism, unwillingness or inability to make a choice, make a final decision. A state close to critical, because the union of two partners is based on feelings — love, closeness and affection, and the poison of doubt undermines these foundations. The only salvation in such a situation is often a sharp break. But this tool can only be used as a last resort: you can't get used to it in any case.


Deuces in the Tarot

The deuce is associated with the Moon and the astrological sign of Cancer. People born under the sign of Cancer, as a rule, have a well-developed imagination, are often shy, reserved, gentle, vulnerable, sensual, emotional and receptive. Most often, they choose professions in which it is necessary to provide help, treat, engage in charity and public work. Those born under the sign of Cancer love music, poetry, history, painting, dancing, theater. These people definitely need support, as they are prone to credulity, emotional imbalance, and oversensitivity.

The appearance of deuces in the schedule indicates the need for a choice. Most likely, this choice requires cooperation, teamwork, patience, balance, tact, education and diplomacy. The foundation laid by the Aces of each suit must be built upon further, as the Aces represent only the first steps. A gentle rather than an aggressive approach can lead to success. Many short trips are possible.

Twos represent Yin energy, which promotes cooperation, partnership, friendship, and receptivity. Yin energy most often corresponds to women, who can play an important role in those matters that you asked about before starting the fortune-telling. This is the waiting time when the seeds planted in the previous period will germinate. If there are deuces in the schedule, think carefully before making any important decision.


Two of Swords in upright position

Key words and phrases: Controlling emotions. Feeling hopeless. Uncertainty in choosing a path. Suspended actions. Indecision. A stalemate. Paradox. Inaction. High-voltage. Opposition. Action delay. Expectation. Alienation. Immutability of position. Antagonism. Quarrels Truce in the struggle. A difficult decision. Overload due to too many factors. A delicate balance. Suppression of feelings. Fast moving to nowhere. Inability to move. Perfect balance. The ability not to show one's emotions. Agreement, settlement.

Situation and advice: You are faced with a dilemma and do not know where to go next. You cannot understand whether to obey your heart or to obey your mind. Indecision binds you, the impression is that you are at a dead end. You should control your emotions. Perhaps now you are mobilizing all the power of your mind to ignore your feelings about some issue. You have chosen a passive waiting style, hoping that something new will happen that will help you make the right decision. Maybe you're burying your head in the sand instead of taking action. However, the wait can turn into eternity. You need to face your problems: they won't go away just because you pretend they don't exist. You need to calmly figure out what you really want and what you really feel. Sometimes this card indicates reaching an agreement and settling all issues, gifts for a woman and powerful protection for a man.

People: Those who cannot make up their minds. People suppress their emotions. Enemy side.


Two of Swords in reversed position

Key words and phrases: Getting out of a dead end. The decision has been made. Movement. Changes. Ability to make decisions. Relief. Quick decision-making results. Restoring movement. Weakening of control. Pay attention to your own feelings. Emotions break the surface. Ripple effect.

Situation and advice: You recently made a decision, perhaps due to circumstances. Now you need to stop and see how the events will unfold further. The tension eased. Strong emotions have come to the surface, and now you have to deal with the consequences of their violent manifestation. You got out of a dead end, and changes will not make you wait long. However, it is likely that you will have to deal with fraudsters. Life goes on.

People: Those who have recently made a responsible decision, but its consequences are not yet known. Scammers.


Meaning and inner content of the arcana of the Two of Swords

As if mocking the suit that is always associated with strife, the Two of Swords Tarot represents the balance of two opposing forces or problems, sometimes harmony and healing. If the conflict is caused by external reasons, the Client reconciles the parties or tries to reach an honest agreement; if there is an internal struggle, when the mind is not in harmony with the heart, then regardless of the reason, these differences are resolved successfully, and the Client feels calm and relieved.

The meaning of the Two of Swords tarot card: friendship, union. Courage, harmony, even closeness. Impartiality instead of open antagonism on the part of a potential opponent or a possible stalemate (for the opponent) that will allow you to move freely. The resistance either won't last long or won't be strong enough to hold you back.

The reversed Two of Swords tarot card brings us back to the true nature of the suit of Swords. Differences are irreconcilable, the restraint and balance of opposing opinions is broken, and conflict is inevitable.

The meaning of the inverted two of swords: deception, betrayal, falsehood, disorder. Impermanence and duplicity on the part of an imaginary ally. Lies, treachery, dishonor.


The Two of Swords tarot card is generally a favorable card that indicates friendship and unity. An alliance with a comrade-in-arms to achieve common goals, or at least the understanding that those common goals are attainable. However, caution, as before, will not hurt, because Swords are not the best sign in human relations; friendship is limited here. Think of it rather as an alliance based on the mutual benefit of the requester and another person or group of persons. At best, the alliance will last until the two of you go your separate ways; at the very least, impartiality on the part of a possible opponent or a possible impasse from which it is possible to get out only by joining forces. If the schedule is unfavorable, beware of betrayal, either in this situation or in the next one.



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