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Tarot Arcana Two of Pentacles: ups and downs, turmoil

Description: a boy is playing with two pentacles while behind him 2 ships are rocking on huge waves.

 Ryder White's Two of Pentacles TarotTwo of Pentacles New Vision

Main values of the card in upright position:

  1. uncertainty, choice between equal options;
  2. great emotions;
  3. game, optimism despite the difficulties of choice or difficult decisions;
  4. chaoticity;
  5. indifference;
  6. spontaneity, dexterity;
  7. communicability;
  8. non-triviality;
  9. lack of one's own point of view, sycophancy;
  10. high adaptability;
  11. a fine line between the childishness and wisdom of the royal Jester;
  12. trip;
  13. financial instability;
  14. work without remuneration;
  15.  many promises, many worries/to-dos.

The main meanings of the map in an inverted position:

  1. if you make a decision, it will only get worse;
  2. many events, many things;
  3. bad news;
  4. failure of plans;
  5. swim against the current;
  6. instability, imbalance;
  7. inflexibility;
  8. frequent mood swings;
  9. concern, indecision;
  10. poor financial situation;
  11. moral decay;
  12. postponement/cancellation of the trip;
  13. work, book, essay;
  14. showy joy;
  15. bad sign.

Two of Pentacles Tarot

The Two of Denarius is also the Two of Pentacles.

A person who looks like a clown plays with two coins, as if inscribed in a huge eight. In the background is the sea with ships rocking on steep waves.

This is a person who treats life as a game, suitable only to fill time. He tries this option, then this one, without taking any of them seriously: it will work out — well, it will not work out — even better. And although the ships on the waves symbolize the violent passions that sometimes engulf his soul, his mind remains indifferent, he only observes, but does not participate in what is happening.

In the «Aquarius» Tarot, this card depicts two quarrelsome women who are engaged in a worthless dispute in which no one is right or wrong: «both are worse.»
When fortune-telling, the card usually means that both possibilities, the choice of which the questioner faces, are equal; whatever he chooses, his position will not change. And the mood too.

In an inverted form, it means that it is better to stay «the same» without changing anything, because the changes will be more likely to be unfavorable.



DESCRIPTION: We see a dancing young man in decorative clothing. He holds two pentacles connected by an intersecting cord that forms the infinity sign. In the distance, ships are fighting big waves, bravely trying to stay afloat. Element: Earth.

EXPLANATION: It seems that this young man is stuck between two options and is now trying to make a decision. The sea is raging, emotions are rushing over the edge. However, he seems to be able to balance the various forces affecting his life, and this dance of his indicates that he looks at the situation with amusement and does not allow his indecision to overwhelm him. If you pull this card, you may have a hard time getting new projects off the ground, but keep going. It would be useful to show more determination.

MEANING OF THE INVERTED CARD: There are a lot of events happening in your life — you have a lot to do. You will receive bad news. Your plans will fail.

LESSON FOR SELF-DEVELOPMENT: Look for harmony in your life. Obviously, you have an endless ability to balance several things at once, your life can easily become chaotic. Try to be more focused.

Two of Pentacles Tarot

The Deuce of Denarius is a player's card, but it is also the card of a person who does not care what decision to make. It shows that we know how to adapt to the variability of life, and endure its ups and downs without unnecessary worries. Depending on which issue or area of life this card is associated with, it can mean dexterity, sociability, cheerfulness, spontaneity and non-triviality or the lack of one's own point of view, agreement, capriciousness and the habit of flirting or sneaking. As such, she encompasses a wide range of qualities from total indolence to the wisdom of a royal Jester.

WORK AND CAREER: Here, the Deuce of Denarius indicates flexibility and high adaptability — to the given task, working conditions, team. It can also mean that we are not too serious, if not to say frivolously, about the matter. In the latter case, the card may indicate irresponsibility and complete neglect of the entrusted matter. In its highest sense, it is a sign of liberation from the gloomy «duty of labor», routine, from petty care for a piece of bread, thanks to which we can finally devote ourselves with joy to our favorite work.

CONSCIOUSNESS: In terms of consciousness, we found ourselves, so to speak, in a state of weightlessness. If this state is replaced by a feeling of heaviness oppressing us to the ground, then this is the greatest relief. If it becomes protracted, it can lead to deep crises. Thus, this card can mean a huge relief after a period of life failures and troubles — or irresistible infantilism, which does not allow a person to develop his own point of view, and he himself sincerely complains that «no one understands» him. On the one hand, it is a symbol of the «trembling animal», unable to decide on anything, on the other hand, it is a symbol of the humble wisdom of the Jester, who has traveled a long path of knowledge and finally returned to the simplicity and impartiality of a child's perception of the world.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: A wonderful period of carefree, unclouded joy — or a period of infantile frivolity and whims. Which of these sides will turn out to be stronger depends on our own attitudes and expectations — after all, capriciousness can be seen as simple-minded indecision, attractive precisely because of its vulnerability.

Deuces in the Tarot

The deuce is associated with the Moon and the astrological sign of Cancer. People born under the sign of Cancer, as a rule, have a well-developed imagination, are often shy, reserved, gentle, vulnerable, sensual, emotional and receptive. Most often, they choose professions in which it is necessary to provide help, treat, engage in charity and public work. Those born under the sign of Cancer love music, poetry, history, painting, dancing, theater. These people definitely need support, as they are prone to credulity, emotional imbalance, and oversensitivity.

The appearance of deuces in the schedule indicates the need for a choice. Most likely, this choice requires cooperation, teamwork, patience, balance, tact, education and diplomacy. The foundation laid by the Aces of each suit must be built upon further, as the Aces represent only the first steps. A gentle rather than an aggressive approach can lead to success. Many short trips are possible.

Twos represent Yin energy, which promotes cooperation, partnership, friendship, and receptivity. Yin energy most often corresponds to women, who can play an important role in those matters that you asked about before starting the fortune-telling. This is the waiting time when the seeds planted in the previous period will germinate. If there are deuces in the schedule, think carefully before making any important decision.


Two of Pentacles in upright position

Key words and phrases: Balancing multiple responsibilities. Rope walking. The feeling that you are being pulled in different directions. Everyday affairs. Financial instability. Work simultaneously in two or more places. Different resources. Balanced actions. Hard work to make ends meet. Creative financing. Allocation of resources. Employment simultaneously in several projects. Responsibility for many things. The need to make a decision. Good news. Gift. Change of place of work or change of situation. New relationship. Sea voyage. A move or trip that will change your life. Trip. Everything changes. It came easily, it went easily. Borrow from one to pay another. Go with the flow. Time is money.

Situation and advice: You are trying to do several things at once. Maybe you don't like your job as much as you did at first because it has become a chore. Perhaps you are trying to please someone else with your work, and not try to realize yourself? You need to allocate your time wisely. Your finances are in disarray, and you need to take the time to get them in order. Perhaps because of this, you will experience difficulties in the initial phase of your new project. Most likely, you will have financial problems and will have to «borrow from one to give to another.» You will not get the money you expected, but it is possible that the money you need will come to you in a different way. It may happen that you have to share the profits with your partner.

There is a possibility that for a long time you will be forced to work without any reward or you may be too worried about money matters. You need to make a decision that will help reduce the level of life tension. Perhaps a change of work or environment will somehow improve the situation. The best thing you can do is adapt to the circumstances and go with the flow. A trip awaits you soon. The ability to take responsibility will certainly lead to success. Perhaps someone will please you with good news or you will receive a gift. You should always be prepared for the vicissitudes of fate.

People: Those who have to keep too many promises. Those who take on everything at once.


Two of Pentacles in an inverted position

Key words and phrases: Someone who manipulates their finances cannot manage them properly. Inability to achieve balance. Plates against the current. Instability. Unbalance. Disorganization. Futility. Inflexibility. Frequent mood swings. Concern. Indecision. Aimlessness. Debts Unreasonable expenses. Mismanagement of finances. Poor financial situation. Inadequate effort. Difficulty. Insufficient concentration. Sad news. Opposition. Despondency. Postponement or cancellation of a trip. Inability to put everything together. Everything goes down the drain. Everything is bursting at the seams. The partner has a lot of resources at his disposal. Purchase of many goods on credit. Bureaucracy. The desire to bite off much more than you can chew. I devoted myself to the well-being of my company and forgot about myself. I can't take it anymore.

Situation and advice: You may feel completely overwhelmed by the fact that you have to fulfill many different obligations at the same time. At the moment, your life is full of complications, you have to pay attention to many small details. Maybe you had to face bureaucracy and you are «fed up with it». You may find it difficult to stay on course toward your goal when too much is stacked against you. It seems that you have bitten off a lot more than you can chew; you didn't calculate your strength, and now you have to make ends meet. Here's what you need to do: focus on just one task at a time. Perhaps your partner is too active in managing the common resources, so when you need money, it can be quite difficult to get it. On the other hand, you yourself could have managed your finances ineptly, wasting money or making too many purchases on credit. Now it is difficult for you to pay your debts, for your whims.

It can be hard, but you have to learn to be flexible, you have to force yourself to go with the flow. Revisit your goals and make sure you have enough skill and focus to move forward.

People: Scattered people. Impulsive, immature, inflexible people. People who experience financial difficulties, those who have spent all their savings.

Meaning and inner meaning of the arcana of the Two of Pentacles

The meaning of the two of pentacles in a straight position:

Difficulty, Obstacle, Obligation, Clogging, Difficulty (hook). — Confusion, Turmoil, Excitement, Quarrel, Confusion, Difficulty, Delay, Confusion, Darkness, Disquiet, Astonishment, Care.

Other meanings of the two of pentacles in the tarot upright position:

  • reversibility of fate, frugality
  • changes, balancing, receiving messages

The first interpretation of the Two of Pentacles tarot card is changes, although not always for the better. Probable problems and failures, but firmness of character and the ability to adapt to circumstances will enable the Client to reach an effective solution and establish a balance of competing forces. Regarding finances, the Two of Pentacles Tarot is a good card, but economical use of resources is recommended.

The Two of Pentacles tarot card can mean luck, fun and joy. News, news (most likely written), already received or expected soon. Obstacles and difficulties; what they will be and how serious they will be will reveal other cards in the schedule. Confusion is possible. Problems with finances or income.

Inverted explanation:

  • Note, Writing, Handwriting, Text, Literature, Some teaching (doctrine), Erudition, Work, Book, Work.
  • Message, Letter.
  • Letters.
  • Literal meaning.
  • Alphabet, Initial information, Principles, Debt papers.

Other meanings of the inverted Two of Pentacles Tarot:

  • lack of clarity, weak self-confidence
  • forced fun, ostentatious joy
  • bad sign

The inverted Two of Pentacles Tarot indicates the Client's lack of a clear idea of the state of affairs, indecision and disorganization when trying to cope with changes in the state. As a result, there is a feeling of loss of control over some aspects of life, and the Client too gently avoids plans for solving future problems.

An inverted Two of Pentacles tarot card means an unpleasant experience. Forced gaiety, feigned pleasure. Exchange of letters. Settlement of both financial issues and relationships. Doubts, anxieties, uncertainty.


The Two of Pentacles Tarot is a sign of character, fun and joy. She also says that the questioner can expect some news; probably leaf With an unfavorable schedule, she advises to fix financial affairs, win in one situation to lose in another (as they say, rob one to pay another), and there remains some uncertainty as to how things will turn out in the end. Even with a favorable schedule, some difficulties await the requester.



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