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Native » Interaction within the Family. Competition within the clan

Interaction within the Family. Competition within the clan

To begin to slightly navigate the relationship with the Genus, imagine the Genus as a Tree, and ourselves as thin peripheral branches.

The genus, like any living structure, is primarily concerned with the survival and continuation of itself, expansion from the present into the future.

For the Family, those branches that are healthy and strong, which nourish the Family, which bear fruit (give new healthy shoots) are more valuable.

Remember the phrase «Head of the Family» — usually it is the strongest, because the wisest)) This is the one who has the most resources and who manages the resources most efficiently. These are the people who use Rod's support by default. Rod relies on them, because. they can successfully fulfill its main tasks — survival and expansion.

What to do in order not to quarrel with Rod?

— not to be a «cancer cell». Do not quarrel with relatives, especially those who are stronger than you. Rod is bad at judging the difference between your thoughts and your actions. If you envy, hate, «vampire» relatives who are more successful than you — Rod perceives you as an internal infection ... with all the ensuing consequences.

— try to be useful to Rod. With a surplus of any resource — share, first of all, with your relatives. Someone shares money with the living, someone knows how to share energy with the departed. Nourish Rod, be useful and in difficult times he will support you.

Competition within Genus

Just today I had to explain this topic to clients.

People are used to the fact that Competition is a battle. Everything is so, but when we talk about Competition within the Family, the battle turns into a Competition, and not into a banal bloodshed.

This competition is similar to the competition for admission to the institute, where there are ten applicants for one place. It is like a competition among the young growth of trees — whoever spreads his crown first wider will get access to the sun's rays.

Unfortunately, in this «intraspecific competition» people often resort only to methods of destroying rivals. They strengthen themselves not because they grow better, but because they do not allow others to grow.

What do you think — will your «great-grandfathers» approve that you «strangle» your relatives? Sometimes they have no choice and they are forced to support the most “saber-toothed” male in the pack. Yes, the winners are not judged, but ... If you put a strong and aggressive successor of the Family on one side of the scale, and on the other — all the «negativity» with which he will stain the Family, what will affect many, many descendants ... what will the Family choose?

Each story is different, unique. I will not be able to cover even half of the nuances in a short note, but if we talk about general recommendations, then:

  • try to be better by being better than others
  • try to help out if you have a surplus
  • don't let yourself be eaten, you deserve a place in the sun
  • fight «cancer cells» because feeding them, you grow problems for the whole Kin
  • make allies, not enemies, going forward is easy when you have a reliable rear behind you


© Dmitry Markov

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