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Arcana Tarot Three of Cups: celebration

Description: three girls are standing in the middle of a field with ripe vegetables and berries. In the hands, raised up, they each have a cup.

Ryder White's Three of Cups TarotThree of Cups Tarot New Vision

Main values of the card in upright position:

  1. love and friendship;
  2. time of joy;
  3. success of the planned business;
  4. restoration of good relations;
  5. white streak in life;
  6. luck of the spiritual rather than the material plan;
  7. success of many people (family, team, etc.);
  8. small success without risk;
  9. birth of a child;
  10. share your happiness with others;
  11. successful completion of an important stage of work and development;
  12. joy of the family;
  13. abundance, harvest;
  14. recovery.

The main meanings of the map in an inverted position:

  1. same auspicious properties as in the direct position, but in the future (something is interfering now);
  2. past joy now brings suffering;
  3. hidden creative and spiritual potential;
  4. waste, abuse;
  5. infidelity, unsuccessful romance;
  6. self-pity, selfishness;
  7. material problems;
  8. manipulating others;
  9. infertility;
  10. excessive indulgences;
  11. meanness, intolerance;

Three of Cups Tarot

This card usually shows three figures with cups in their hands; it also means friendship and love, a time to be happy and a time to share your joy with others. This is the success of the planned business, the restoration of good relations, the onset of a favorable «strip» in life, a successful trip, in a word — luck, although, rather, on a spiritual rather than a material level.

Unlike the Two, the Three indicates the success and establishment of relationships of many or at least a few people who make up a family, group, team, etc.

Owners of the «Egyptian Tarot» deck or other Kabbalistic versions of it should take into account that this card can mean marriage or a close karmic connection between two people.

Compared to the higher cards of Cups, this card can mean a relatively small benefit (success) compared to other, more favorable chances — but without unnecessary risk. Compare with the Six, Nine and Ten of Cups.

In its inverted form, it retains its favorable meaning, indicating only that something is preventing success and good relations at the moment, but it will pass later.


DESCRIPTION: Three happy young women rejoice and raise their cups in triumph. Wreaths of flowers are scattered around their feet. These girls toast to love, prosperity and success. Element: Water.

EXPLANATION: The number Three symbolizes growth and expressiveness. This card is associated with triumphing from happiness, love and success — from the simple joy of unity. She says that sweet accomplishments and new opportunities will come. In addition, it can indicate prosperity, new spiritual potential and creative expression in music and art. And since Three comes from Two, lovers can soon rejoice at the birth of a child.

REVERSED CARD MEANING: What used to bring joy now brings suffering. Your potential for creative growth and spiritual expression remains hidden. You indulge your desires and create problems for yourself instead of building your future.

LESSON FOR SELF-DEVELOPMENT: Come up with a way to share your happiness, love and wealth. Joy can come from past achievements, but it can also portend a happy and successful road ahead. In a joyful, humorous manner, analyze your life and wait for new and pleasant chances.

Three of Cups Tarot

The Three of Cups expresses joy, carelessness and gratitude — feelings that are so vividly manifested in people, for example, at the traditional Harvest Festival. It shows that something important and beautiful has entered our life, or that we received a gift (from a person or from fate itself) that filled us with joy, happiness and gratitude. On a deeper level, the card can mean optimism and a sense of fullness of being, on an external (eventful) level — a holiday or celebration.

WORK AND CAREER: Completion of an important stage of work and a banquet on this occasion. It can be passing an exam, defending a dissertation, getting a promotion or salary increase, concluding a profitable deal. Or — a warm, friendly atmosphere in the team, a joint event, a picnic with colleagues.

AWARENESS: The Three of Cups indicates that we have joyfully and gratefully come to the end of some important phase of our inner development – or have achieved results that filled us with a sense of joy and happiness. Or it shows that the period of crisis has ended for us, a test, albeit difficult, but extremely valuable in terms of the experience gained. Of course, it can mean that we are just feeling good and in a good mood right now, and we are grateful to fate for the opportunity to enjoy life.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Here this card means the joys of a «honeymoon» or simply a harmonious relationship with a partner. And also thanks for the fact that we have such a wonderful partner — or for adding to the family, expected or what we already have.


Threes in the Tarot

The number «three» is associated with the map of the Empress of the Major Arcana, with the planet Jupiter and the astrological signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter is the planet of temperament, fun, friendship, expanded horizons, communication, commerce, openness, independence, self-expression, creativity, optimism, growth, broad nature, pride, ambition, broad perspectives, travel, higher education. Negative aspects of Jupiter — vanity, laziness, vanity, superstition, exaggeration of one's own advantages or arrogance</span >.

The appearance of threes in the schedule indicates a period of personal growth, creative development, self-expression, popularity, self-improvement, and broadening of horizons. Creative projects will be successful. There are chances to get a promotion at work. The possibility of a long trip. Maybe soon you will start a new romance. But there is also a negative side. This is fatigue at work, excessive extravagance, extravagance, wasted energy, nervous tension, emotional disorders.

The number «three» refers to Yang vibrations. Three in the schedule often means the need to rest, have fun, spend more time communicating. This is a very good time to realize your literary talent, teaching abilities, try yourself as a presenter on television or start a blog, etc.

Three of Cups in upright position

Key words and phrases: Joy. A joyful event. Pleasure. Reunification. Merge with anyone. Family gatherings Happy hours. Delight. What is done for pleasure. Satisfaction with the results obtained. Holidays parties Prosperity of family relations. Good luck. Happiness. Abundance of everything. Friskiness. Hospitality. Freedom of desire. A feast of generosity. Harvesting. Time spent pleasantly with other people. Understanding. Conception. Pregnancy (especially if the chart has the Empress in the right position, which means fertility). Birth. Achievement. Treatment. Restored health. Birth of happiness. The beginning of a new way of life. Marriage. Marital status. Wedding. Approaching something. Something good. If I had known you were coming, I would have baked a cake. Eat, drink and be merry.

Situation and advice: It is time to celebrate some event and have fun from the heart. Get ready to visit for the most pleasant reasons: for a wedding, to celebrate the end of school or institute, a promotion, the birth of a child or another joyful event. Share happiness with others. It's holiday time, but don't forget that you still have work to do. If your question was about marriage or pregnancy, wait for a favorable result. The Three of Cups often says that you are thinking about a wedding (or a divorce that will allow you to enter into a new marriage). If you asked about health, the Three of Cups promises you its restoration and full recovery. In career matters, the Three of Cups indicates your hobbies rather than your main profession. In addition, the card predicts the appearance of a person in your life who can become a reliable friend or lover. Engagement is possible.

People: Those who like to attend parties. People who have a hobby. Those who entertain others. Bartenders


Three of Cups in an inverted position

Key words and phrases: Indulging one's own whims excessively. Prodigality. Disloyalty. A failed novel. Harmful excesses. Abuse. Alcoholism. There is no way to join others. Hedonism. Obesity. Disorderliness. Sex without love. Self-pity. Selfishness. Material problems. Problems with pregnancy. Prolonged infertility. Inability to have children. Operation. Manipulating others. Absorption in emotions. There is no reason to celebrate. Invitation cancelled. Abolition. You are not going to a party. Holidays are postponed. Divorce. A sad excuse. Unhappy ending. Disease. Bad health. Unsuccessful use of your abilities. Dependence. This is my holiday, and if I want to, I will cry. Where is the reason for a smile?

Situation and advice: The wedding is cancelled. The situation, which started so joyfully, now causes pain. You may not be able to attend the celebration as planned. The Three of Cups warns you about the possible abuse of sensual pleasures, which harm not only your well-being, but also your health. Each of us can have sick inclinations that can lead to self-destruction. You can get a lot of good from life, but sooner or later you have to pay for overindulging your whims. Perhaps you have serious problems with a loved one. The card indicates that you have lost interest in your partner, or your partner has lost interest in you, or one of you has been unfaithful to the other.

People: Selfish, spoiled people who excessively indulge their whims. People who are addicted to alcohol or drugs. Unfaithful loved ones. People who lead a messy lifestyle.


The meaning and inner meaning of the arcana of the Three of Cups

The meaning of the Three of Cups in an upright position:

  • Luck, Science, Happy Outcome, Happy Ending, Victory.
  • Recovery, Treatment, Relief.
  • Execution.
  • Improvements.

Other meanings of the Tarot Three of Cups in an upright position:

  • peace, tranquility, happiness, maybe — happy love
  • success of undertakings, perfection, joy, victory, promotion
  • prosperity, celebration, creativity

The Three of Cups Tarot in the correct position means great happiness and all kinds of luck in life, a sense of confidence, prosperity and satisfaction that the Client wants to share with loved ones. Specifically — to arrange a holiday on the seashore after the successful completion of a significant project or in honor of the birth of a child. The card indicates the onset of an important creative period in the Client's life.

The Three of Cups tarot card means success, accomplishment, abundance, joy. Happy ending, fulfillment of wishes. Victory, goal achievement.

Inverted explanation:

  • Departure, Letter, Execution, Finish, End, Conclusion, Finish, Execution.

Other meanings of the inverted Three of Cups Tarot:

  • the end of something, the failure of an enterprise, the fading of love
  • love triangle
  • selfishness, relationship problems

In an inverted form, the Three of Cups Tarot means excessive indulgence, which will result in selfishness and exploitation of other people. Meanness and intolerance towards others casts a shadow on possible useful connections of the Client. The card especially emphasizes problems in married life.

An inverted Three of Cups also means success and achievement, but in a purely physical sense. Achieving small goals.


The Three of Cups tarot card is a card of success and fulfillment of desires. That romance or enterprise in which you are involved will soon bring prosperity and joy to the satisfaction of all parties concerned. If the romantic relationship started earlier, at this point you can both say that you are in love.



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