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Major Arcana Tarot Fool (Jester, jocker, madman)

Description: A young man stands on the edge of a cliff and looks up at the sky. His hands are spread apart, in his right hand he has a stick with a bundle, in his left — a flower. Beside him is a small dog. Around the mountain.

Major Arcana Tarot FoolJester (Fool), Rider Waite TarotFool (Jester), Tarot New Vision

Basic map values in upright position:

  1. 1. receptivity, openness;
  2. 2. choice, chance, the beginning of something new;
  3. 3. calmness and confidence in life;
  4. 4. the simplicity of a new love;
  5. 5. curiosity;
  6. 6. mistakes, irresponsibility;
  7. 7. wisdom, awareness of the limitations of rules, zen;
  8. 8. joy of life, frivolity;
  9. 9. unreliability;
  10. 10. union of cheerful people;
  11. 11. the birth of a child;
  12. 12. beginning of adventure, enthusiasm;
  13. 13. freedom from prejudice;
  14. 14. bi- , homosexuality;
  15. 15. uncertainty;
  16. 16. emptiness and fullness at the same time (carelessness due to wisdom).

Basic meanings of the map reversed:

  1. 1. insufficiently thought out solution;
  2. 2. impulsiveness;
  3. 3. inexperience;
  4. 4. exhaustion;
  5. 5. irresponsibility;
  6. 6. a dangerous situation due to someone's stupidity;
  7. 7. treason.

Tarot FoolThis card has a special position in the Tarot because it is not assigned any number — its key meaning is Zero. Sometimes this card is placed at the beginning of the Major Arcana, sometimes at the end. The jester personifies both the beginning and the end of the mystical quest.

The card depicts a man dressed as a jester. In the Middle Ages, it was called furca — a block worn around the neck of a slave. The mountains surrounding the Jester and the shining sun are so beautiful that he strives here again and again to start all over again. The bundle he carries on a stick is small: it contains only the essentials. In his hand he has a rose — a symbol of purity, a «blank slate», the pages of the future that have not yet been filled with anything. He is accompanied only by a true friend — a white dog.


Other names for the arcana: Blessed, Fool, Spirit of Ether.

IN THE TAROT SPREAK: This card represents choice and receptivity. You will be asked to take any chance or start something new. The Jester (Fool) takes life's adventures. You too. You are open to new suggestions and ideas and are not afraid of the unknown. You approach life calmly and with confidence. In terms of personal relationships, this may be the beginning of something wonderful, the simplicity of a new love.

MEANING OF REVERSED CARD: You haven't thought enough about the decisions you're about to make. You are confused and can easily make the wrong decision.

SELF DEVELOPMENT LESSON: You are a child of the Universe and are open to everything new that life gives you. Get ready to seize the moment.

JOB: The jester shows that we have to enter into some new, as yet unfamiliar area, but we have enough curiosity and the ability to cope with new tasks. On a purely event level, it can also mean mistakes, some extra steps or irresponsibility. However, its deep meaning is the wisdom gained from any, even the most negative experience, the awareness of the limitations of any rules that we are used to following, and the ability to go beyond them in order to achieve satisfaction and success.

CONSCIOUSNESS: Here the Fool means surprise, from which, according to Plato, all knowledge begins. And here again, he can symbolize both a childish inattention to important things, and a deep realization that nothing in the world is worth making a problem out of it — that is, a genuine life experience. And, although the Jester is always an image of a high consciousness, this does not mean that every jester is a sage.

RELATIONSHIPS: Here the Jester is a symbol of the joy of life. True, in this case, too, it can mean excessive frivolity and irresponsibility, which can lead to unreliability, that is, to the collapse of the union; however, in general, he personifies the union of two cheerful, cheerful people who are easy with each other, who are happy to discover something new in a partner every day and love him for his uniqueness and diversity. At the event level, this card can mean a new love or a renewal of an old one, which in the latter case often occurs due to the birth of a child.

Названия на других языках: Il Matto, Le Mat, The Fool, Der Narr.

Астрологические соответствия: Меркурий и Близнецы; Солнце как символ силы и теплоты. Меркурий как символ гибкости, сообразительности.

Каббалистическое значение аркана: материальная жизнь.

Оккультное значение аркана: события с маятниковым движением.

Физическое значение аркана: материя.

Места: веселая вечеринка без конкретного повода; путешествие автостопом, новые места.

  Major Arcana Tarot Jester

Tarot Fool Upright

Keywords and phrases: Innocence. Spontaneity. Archetype of the newborn baby. Potential. Start from scratch. New chance. New impressions. A new way of perceiving the world. New opportunities. Important decision. An unexpected decision. The beginning of the adventure. Time for a change. Originality. Open Mind. Optimism. Children's surprise. Naivete. Fun. Purity of action. Freedom from prejudice. New life stage. The excitement of discovering something new. Carefree attitude. Surprise. Second birth. Trust in fate. Freedom, the feeling that nothing is holding you back. Enthusiasm. Risk. Trust in higher powers. Confidence that providence directs you in the right direction. Creative non-conformism. In order to start something new, you need to let go of the past, leaving it behind. Unexpected influence. Homosexuality. Bisexuality. Zero is the number of pure potential. Everything is possible. Feel free to go where no human has gone before.


Situation and advice:The jester appears in the alignment at the moment when a new stage in life begins for you. Promising opportunities may appear, replacing those that brought you only grief. Perhaps fate will require you to make an important decision that will open up unknown paths for you. A new beginning can lead anywhere: you may have to go with the flow, perhaps a new relationship is about to begin, or a stranger will appear in your life; perhaps those people who surround you now will take part in your personal or professional growth. Fool can also refer to a person of bisexual or homosexual orientation who will exert his influence on the situation.

This card suggests taking risks with the optimism and innocence of a child. You can find an unexpected solution to a problem if you look at life from a different angle, so you should keep your mind open to new ideas. A fool can denote a period characterized by bursts of nervous energy, lack of clarity, uncertainty. A sudden development of events can unsettle you, you may feel confused until you pull yourself together. Now you are capable of very original actions. It would be very wise of you to leave the past behind and start something new. Actions in which you will cling to traditional and outdated methods will be considered a deliberate mistake: the collective subconscious mind advises you to start a new life cycle. A fool can also indicate the beginning of a real journey, especially if he is surrounded by other cards symbolizing travel in the layout (Chariot, Wheel of Fortune, World, Six of Swords, Eight of Wands, King of Wands).


People: Newborn. Child. One who starts something new. Mystic. Dreamer. Adventurer. Seer. Traveler. Tramp. An innocent or inexperienced person. An eccentric, independent and extraordinary person. Bisexual or homosexual. Teenager. One who is preparing to either make an important decision or set out on a journey. A person who starts a new life stage.


Tarot Fool Upside down

Key words and phrases: Impulsiveness. Inability to make judgments. Risk. Exhaustion. Naivete. Inexperience, gullibility. Unfounded optimism. Irresponsibility. Failure to anticipate the situation. Frivolity. unexpected problems. Inconsistency. Balancing on the brink. Waste of energy. Too much conformity. Lack of prospects. Bad decisions. Flying in the clouds. Intrusive ideas. Throwing words to the wind. Playing with fire. Measure seven times, cut one.


Situation and advice: When the Fool appears upside down in a reading, it indicates that it is not worth the risk if you have not carefully considered the situation. You may feel as if you are standing on the edge of an abyss and ready to fall down at any moment. Maybe it's stupid to cling to your own opinion with all your might. Remember Emerson's expression: «Stupid consistency is the scarecrow of limited minds.» Your current position makes you afraid of the future and what it holds. Avoid over-optimism, do not allow yourself to underestimate the situation. Impulsive decisions or unreasonable gambling risks can play a trick on you. Unexpected problems may arise. Because of your own or someone else's stupidity, you may find yourself in a dangerous situation. Your judgment may be wrong, or you may not be able to get the right advice. You should try to calculate the situation. It is possible that someone close to you is making stupid decisions. It seems that you yourself do not have enough opportunity to foresee the results of your actions, and this prevents you from being truly happy. It may turn out that someone from your environment is actually not as loyal and devoted as you imagine him to be. Perhaps you are cheating on your partner or he/she is cheating on you. Remember that infatuation is not the same as love.


People: Player. Reckless brave. Fickle. Reckless person.

Major Arcana tarot Jester (tarot of witches)

The white color that dominates this map represents emptiness, but also fullness at the same time, because it combines all the colors of the solar spectrum. Emptiness is shunyata, emptiness as a container:

"Thirty spokes and a hub make up a wheel

But the space between them is the essence of the wheel.

The bottom and sides of clay make up the pitcher

But the empty space between them is the essence of the pitcher «.

Tao Tejing, 54 (22).

The game has not yet begun for the Fool: all possibilities are open to him and they are all equal, and he himself is mad enough not to give preference to any of them. Of course, this is a jester, a player, a madman; but this is also the Lord God, starting some kind of game unknown to us.
Astrologically, this card, having a face value of zero, corresponds to Uranus, the planet of surprises and the desire for freedom. If it is assigned the face value XXII, it corresponds to the planet Pluto, personifying the cosmic mind.


The inner meaning of the Jester (Fool)

Do not miss the opportunity to go into the unknown! About how it all ends, you will think after. Go with a light heart and do not regret the past. The unknown is not really as scary as the familiar. Go forward and do not be afraid to fall into the abyss — you will not fall down, but up. The jester is always cheerful; don't take what's happening to you seriously. Learn to laugh at yourself, and you will understand that life, in essence, is just a game.

In the alignment, the Jester can mean: God's will for everything, that is, do not interfere in the course of events, do not try to „jump“ out of the cosmic stream, but on the contrary, listen to where it takes you and trust the flow. Keep it simple, don't complicate the situation by constantly thinking about it, and everything will be fine.

In a more „earthly“ plan, the Jester is inner freedom or advice to give yourself more freedom, to get rid of the old patterns of behavior and thought. The second name of the Jester in French (le Мв1;) means „mast“ and symbolizes support, and the only reliable support for us in life is the feeling of our own freedom.

Sometimes, especially in combination with other cards (remember — „important information is necessarily repeated in the layout twice and thrice“?), This is indeed an unexpected turn of events, a surprise, both pleasant and unpleasant.

Inverted — unwillingness to open up to the future, clinging to the past, lack of freedom, or, if a surprise, then certainly unpleasant. In the simplest sense, an indication of a nervous breakdown or that the questioner is simply stupid. (Although this could be a joke: Tarot cards are sometimes fun to play around with.)

In combination with unfavorable cards, the direct Jester can mean „complete detachment“, that is, a person who does not constrain himself with any obligations, and inverted — mental illness (neurosis, psychosis).

For businessmen, the Jester is rather unfavorable in any position, and the recommendation that he can give is simple: leave, disappear for two or three months.
The Fool Tarot card (Jester, Mad) warns you that it is foolish to plunge yourself into such a situation. Before you is a choice of the greatest importance for you and your future. If you continue on your way, there is a great danger of an almost imminent catastrophe. But if you pay attention to the warning signal, then there is still a chance to avoid this catastrophe. In fact, if this card comes up, then you are advised to watch your every move, use your head and stop being an idiot on purpose.

Note. In most cases, the Questioner who gets the Fool (Jester) knows very well that he is behaving stupidly, but refuses to admit it because he simply does not want to notice anything.

Do not underestimate the Fool. Perhaps his figure seems ridiculous, but it is necessary to understand the lesson that he can teach. The obvious symbolism of this card is absolute recklessness. Like the Hermit, the Jester Tarot (The Fool) is a wanderer. But he does not use reason or other means to light his path, and deliberately refuses to look down.

Note the similarity of imagery with the Arcana Tarot Wheel of Fortune. Like a figure falling from the Wheel, the Fool heads for the edge of the cliff; but if in that case blind and indifferent to man Fate caused the fall, then your own blind recklessness is to blame.

From a worldly point of view, the Jester (Fool) tarot card describes a person who has decided to go a certain path, not paying attention to the fact that he has gone astray, ignoring warning signs and not even looking under his feet. With this attitude, this card says, you will inevitably go blind and make a really stupid mistake.

In terms of your personal development, the Jester (Fool) says that you are lost and are in great danger simply because you refuse to see the truth that is right in front of you.

But the figure of the Tarot Fool (Jester) may not be as stupid as it looks. Perhaps you just have to take the leap, relying on nothing but blind faith, to reach the final step on the path of self-improvement, even if this leap scares you. And although it seems to the observer that you are blindly moving towards your own grave, in reality this can be a path to a transformation so far beyond the limits of this world that even the most sophisticated connoisseur cannot imagine it.

It is up to you to decide whether the Fool of the Tarot is that fool who does not look where he is going, and who, as a result, will fall into the abyss, or is he a person whose faith is so great that he is ready to take a decisive step without wondering about the consequences. Be that as it may, he blindly moves towards his destiny. This card asks you if you will (can) do the same.

Combinations with other cards

-Court: rebirth, new beginnings
-Star: innocence, faith, trust
-The Hanged Man: gaining faith, a sense of community
-3 of wands: expanding horizons, traveling to uncharted territories
— Devil: manifestation of cynicism, unbelief
— Death: final, termination of work
— 2 swords: denial of experience, tension, retreat
— Priest: Fulfillment of an agreement, routine

Type of upright person:

a young extravagant person, above all who values independence, who does not enter into any subordinate relationship; a child who learns from his own mistakes.

Inverted human type:

deceiver; charlatan; someone who wants to play on our naivety and gullibility.

Psychological meaning of the lasso Jester (Fool):

start of a new cycle. Today is the first day of your new life, you can finally choose the direction of your development, go where your eyes look, and do whatever you want. Do not refuse this opportunity, move forward, even if you do not know what awaits you. How it all ends, you will think differently. Don't look back, forget about the past and look to the future with a light heart. The unknown is not so terrible, especially compared to what we know well, but it torments us so much. Boldly go forward and do not be afraid to fall into the abyss. The jester, regardless of the circumstances, is always cheerful, so you don’t take everything so close to your heart. Learn to laugh at yourself, develop a sense of humor, and you will understand that life is in many ways a game, and you were sent to earth not as a punishment, but to improve yourself and enjoy everything that you can meet.


The jester is our inner child. It means the spontaneous beginning of something new, openness, openness. This is a carefree game, the most elementary joy of life, a period when we enter the unknown with cheerful surprise and without any specific expectations. However, it can also mean infantilism with all its attributes — frivolity, naivety, gambling, and simply stupidity. Or — wise simplicity, modesty of requests and humility, to which we usually come only at the end of a long and difficult journey. The jester can also be cunning, mischievous. One way or another, he lives only in the present, he is a frank, sincere, mobile person. Is it good or bad? About what this card means: our stubborn unwillingness to become an adult, or vice versa, the simplicity acquired along with long experience — will have to be judged by the whole scenario as a whole. The jester always warns of something completely new that is ready to break into our lives, causing chaos in it, and we ourselves can get a couple of bumps, but there is really nothing dangerous in this.



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