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Senior Arcana 3 Tarot The Empress (Mistress)

The Empress tarot senior arcanaThe Empress, Tarot by Ryder WaiteThe Empress, Tarot New Vision

Description: A young woman sits on a soft throne in the middle of a wheat field. A river and a forest are nearby. The Mistress herself is dressed in a light dress, her head is crowned with a crown of twelve stars, she holds a scepter in her right hand.

Main values of the card in upright position:

  1. A woman who knew love;
  2. Fertility, abundance;
  3. Physical and spiritual creative power;
  4. Stability, harmony, prospects for growth and prosperity in all spheres of life;
  5. Positive results, good opportunities;
  6. Satisfaction with life;
  7. Time for productive actions;
  8. Releasing powerful energy;
  9. Creative rise;
  10. New profession/position;
  11. New knowledge/views;
  12. Replenishment in the family;
  13. Change in relations between partners;
  14. Education;
  15. Physical love and affection;
  16. Female sexuality;
  17. Birth, motherhood;
  18. The desire to help others.


The main meanings of the map in an inverted position:

  1. Unproductive business;
  2. Dispersion of creative energy;
  3. Stagnation;
  4. Unsuccessful attempts to get rich;
  5. Missing opportunities;
  6. Barrenness;
  7. Sex without love;
  8. Greed, excessive materialism;
  9. Depression, despair, suffering;
  10. Denial of the wisdom of your heart;
  11. Problems with pregnancy
  12. Auspicious card, but you need to wait a little for success.

The Empress of TarotMistress, aka Empress. In the Egyptian Tarot — Isis, it is not for nothing that the astrological correspondence of this card is Venus. In ancient times, she was called Venus Urania — «heavenly love», a universal creative force. The hostess is sitting in a chair standing in the middle of the garden, where flowers, cereals and other plants grow. A river flows through the garden. Outside the Mistress is free; at the foot of the chair or elsewhere on the map, a small heart-shaped shield with the sign of Venus is often placed. On the head of the Empress is a crown, which is decorated with twelve stars, which mean the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Mistress — as a result of the meeting of the Priestess and the Magician: she personifies the combination of opposites, male and female beginnings, but the female beginning prevails: she is a woman who has known love. But at the same time, it is fertility, physical and spiritual creative power that has reached its realization. It is thanks to her that our children and our heritage remain on Earth after us. She is powerful and feminine; in her hand — the royal scepter. This card finally introduces hierarchy into the cards of the Major Arcana: The Mistress rules her subjects, rewarding the most worthy and punishing the disobedient.

Other names of the arcana: Mistress, Mistress, Empress.

TAROT MEANING: This card means stability, harmony and prospects for growth and prosperity in all areas of your life. In addition, it symbolizes fertility and the likelihood of marriage. You have reached a stage of significant personal achievement, and your world and relationships with other people are full of joy and satisfaction. In terms of business, you are entering a phase associated with good opportunities and positive results. You are satisfied with your life.

MEANING OF THE INVERTED CARD: You are engaged in an unproductive business and do not use your creative potential to the full. You waste your creative energy in such a way that it may well end in disappointment or failure. Beware of ostentatious luxury, wrong judgments and temptation. Put aside serious business deals and think carefully about them.

LESSON FOR SELF-DEVELOPMENT: You are able to open your heart and mind to intuition and rational decision-making. You can bring wisdom and understanding to your daily life. This is the time for productive processes.

WORK AND CAREER: A period of release of powerful energies. Creative elevation in artists, writers and musicians or advertising specialists, in engineers, technicians or designers — new non-trivial ideas; representatives of other professions — changes, innovations, growth and revitalization of activity. The hostess here can also mean that changes have already taken place, and we now have to get used to them, relearn from the old to the new. It can be a change in working conditions, a new teacher, boss or employee, or a change in type or object of activity. In some cases, this card indicates a new profession or position. But although childbirth is always painful, these changes, in the vast majority of cases, are for the better.

AWARENESS: New knowledge, ideas. You may not like them or even find them bitter. However, in any case, it is a valuable purchase. It forces us to look more closely at such a familiar course of things, to see how the old dies and the new is born from it. At a deeper level, this card can mean a conflict between both aspects of the image of the mother: bright, full of care and unconditional love, and its dark side, which Jung called Mater saeva cupidinum — «wild mother of lusts».

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: In relationships, the Mistress also indicates changes and the birth of a new one, be it a new addition to the family or any other changes in the relationship between partners. In any case, they liven up the routine and, in fact, are favorable. In addition, it can mean the onset of a new phase of maternal love, or the field on which your new relationship is maturing.

The Empress tarot senior arcana

Names in other languages: L'Imperatrice, L'Imperatrice, The Empress, Die Fruchtbarkiet.

Astrological compatibility: Taurus and Venus. The Sun in Capricorn embodies a sense of responsibility, order, structure, as well as security, consistency and persistence.

Kabbalistic meaningof the arcana: the need for deification.

Occult meaningof the arcana: hand; receiving palm

Physical meaningof the arcana: birth or rebirth.

Places: large gatherings of people; royal palaces; festivals and other mass events of this nature.

In the upright position

In the right position: Mother, Fertility. Abundance. Treatment. Height. The ability to love and be loved.

Key words and phrases: Queen of life. Archetype of the Mother. According to Jung — the archetype of the Anima. Cradle of life. Fertility. Prosperity. Art. Productive actions. Fertility. Education. Treatment. Love. Harmony. Union. Synthesis. Sensitivity. A long period of growth. Material amenities. Status. Social position. A wonderful house. Fragrant garden. Abundance. Physical love and affection. Female sexuality. Marriage. Profit. Good harvest. Pregnancy. Art. Maternal instincts. Desire to help others. Birth. Motherhood. Concentration on life processes. A good result of hard work. Transition from one stage of growth to another. Realized potential. Fee. Good luck. Mother Earth. Mother Nature. Moving forward and multiplying. Sometimes marriage.

«The more distant and illusory mysterious one's own mother is, the greater will be the desire of the son to unite with her in his soul, awakening his primary and eternal maternal image, for the sake of which exists everything that accepts, protects, nourishes and helps to accept maternal form, from the Alma Mater of the Universe to the personified cities, countries, sciences and ideals»

Carl Gustav Jung (Swiss psychiatrist, creator of the theory of archetypes).

Situation and Advice: The Empress is a good fortune card that involves female creativity, fertility, sexuality and reproduction. Now is the time to show your creative instincts and take decisive action. Any creative endeavors will give a good result. You like your work, which brings beauty and sensuality; perhaps it gives you material comfort. Your hard work will be materially rewarded. Sexual relations bring pleasure. This card can mean marriage, pregnancy (especially in conjunction with the Three of Cups) or the birth of a child. If you are expecting a child, pregnancy and childbirth will go well. You reap the fruits of your labor, surround yourself with beauty and material comforts. Your feelings are shared, you are able to give love and receive it.

People: Mother. Wife. A significant woman. A woman with well-developed maternal and nurturing instincts. The woman is always ready to help. An influential woman. A pregnant woman. Earth mother. Royal woman. A woman is an employer. A royal woman. A woman who owns land. Creative personality. One of the parents. A woman who has power and occupies a high position. An important woman has appeared in your life. For a man, this is the woman of his dreams.

Inverted position

Key words and phrases: Failed attempts to get rich. Stagnation. Problems with pregnancy. Unrealized creativity. Rejection of growth. Unreasonable pleasure today. Excessive fascination with material comfort. Loss of opportunities. Birth control. Sterility. Impotence. Abortion. Inability to have children. Promiscuous sexual relations. Sex without love. Unwanted pregnancy. Financial difficulties. Problems. Poverty. Disease. Avarice. Excessive materialism. Physical discomfort. Unproductivity. Wasted energy. Depression. Despair. Suffering. Denying the wisdom of your heart.

Situation and advice: You usually feel limited in your creativity. Your level of material comfort may be low, or, on the contrary, you selfishly cling to your material values instead of sharing them with loved ones. Maybe your greed is leading to relationship problems. You are in a depressed mood, you are in despair. Maybe you're running out of money, feeling poor and struggling to make ends meet. Relationships that do not satisfy you; it is most likely sex without love. The empress in an inverted position can mean sexual problems or an unwanted pregnancy. It also indicates problems with pregnancy. You may know that you are unable to conceive a child, or you may choose not to have any more children. Sometimes the card indicates a break in family ties.

People: A woman with pregnancy problems. Rejected woman. People who lead a messy lifestyle. Unproductive people. Cold people. Emotionally unstable people.

The Empress Tarot Senior Arcana (Witch Tarot)

The inner meaning of the Empress (Mistress) card

Do not forget about the power of the Empress. If you got this card, ask yourself: did you violate her will in some way? Have you tried to do violence to yourself, to suppress the creative beginning in yourself? You need to accept yourself as you are, rely on Fate, take a calm pose, like the Mistress depicted on the map, and let events take their course. You don't need to conquer anything anymore: you have everything you need.

Venus is considered a symbol of love, art and some small to medium amounts of money. Hence the meaning of this card in the schedule: if you ask about love affairs, then everything is great or will be great in the near future. If it is about art, talents, good taste, then it also portends success and joy. And everything will be fine with money, too: Venus the Mistress does not leave her pets in trouble. In general, a very good and quite favorable card that gives a positive forecast when answering almost any question.

It can also simply indicate a woman who plays some role in the life of the questioner, most often — a lover or beloved. Or at least very friendly.

And even in an inverted form, the forecast remains positive; such a situation only indicates that something is preventing it at the moment. But, if there are no too unfavorable cards nearby, the situation will soon change for the better.

For businessmen — a forecast that is favorable in matters, but requires thinking about relations with a partner.


The Empress Tarot will tell you how to rule this world if you are willing to listen to her and cooperate with others.

The empress is the legislator in the house, the mother. She knows how to keep order in the house, the world, so that her wards, whom she considers her children, are calm, satisfied and happy.

The Empress tarot card also symbolizes a woman's instinct — intuitive insights that allow her to make the right decisions when there is no time to think. It is both protection and fertility. It teaches love between people (union of souls, not simple sexual attraction). As a mother, she is the gate through which we enter the world; as a lawgiver, she ensures harmony and the ability of people to work together. The Empress card is a guiding force that creates an atmosphere where each person is free to develop their own potential.

Combination with other maps

— Emperor: parental care, order and discipline
— Death: premonition of change
— 4 petacles: poor property
— 9 Petals: improvement, experience
— Lovers: sexual pleasure
— Star: grounding, boundless love
— 7 petacles: material reward
— 9 of cups: a feast of the senses

Type of person in upright position: mother; older sister; wife; a powerful influential person, who, however, is friendly and ready to help; a woman who has reached a high position.

The type of person in an inverted position: a woman who at any cost seeks to dominate, gain power over us and abuse this power, which has an extremely negative effect on our psyche.

The psychological meaning of the Empress arcana: you must carefully analyze what is happening. Maybe you're just tired of the everyday hustle and bustle and want to change things or you need additional incentives, but in any case, you're passive, doing nothing and trying not to change anything. Therefore, before doing something, ask yourself: «What do I actually want?» Was everything you did before forced and dictated by circumstances beyond your control? Have you not destroyed the creative beginning in yourself? Are you in control of your life? To become happy here on earth, you need to accept yourself as you are. You earned happiness by your birthright, and now you just need to learn to use what you have. Do not fight fate, but, like the Empress, majestically accept everything that it brings you.

The hostess is the inexhaustible power of Nature, which continuously gives birth to new life. This card represents vitality, fertility, growth and the birth of the new. It is the inexhaustible source of all life, our creative potential and our ability to perceive subtle vibrations and embody them in the form of something new. Physically, this is growth, fertility, at the emotional level — creative abilities, at the level of the mind — a wealth of ideas, ingenuity, and at the level of consciousness — knowledge of new things. The constant birth of the new means both the continuous change of our lives and the need to endure the pain associated with this birth.


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