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Ace of Pentacles tarot card: strong financial back

Description: a hand from a cloud extends a pentacle, against a green well-kept lawn, mountains and a castle.

Ace Of PentaclesAce Of Pentacles

Main values of the card in upright position:
1. the most favorable card from the junior arcana;
2. union of primary elements;
3. the beginning of prosperity;
4. successful enterprises;
5. satisfaction;
6. personal achievements;
7. time to reap the fruits of one's efforts;
8. good news, inheritance;
9. praise;
10. a chance opens up, but it must be determined;
11. necessary information, idea;
12. high incomes, growth prospects, fame;
13. strong union;
14. good health;

The main meanings of the map in an inverted position:
1. also in an upright position (the denarius is round);
2. wealth makes you unhappy;
3. plans will not be implemented;
4. calmness is deceptive;
5. postponement of cash receipts, disruption of plans, inadequate payment;
6. material losses;
7. greed, egocentrism;
8. hasty decisions;
9. fatigue, health problems;
10. anxiety;
11. unnecessary material values;

Ace Of Pentacles

Ace of Denarius also Ace of Pentacles.

A hand emerging from a cloud holds a gold denarius. Below you can see a blooming garden, a gate and a road leading to the mountains. Ace of Denarius symbolizes the element of earth. The five-pointed star on it is a pentagram that combines the five primary elements: fire, water, earth, air and ether (or, according to Eastern ideas, fire, water, earth, metal and wood). In Kabbalistic it means the tetragrammaton of the name of God (compare with the card of the Wheel of Fortune), supplemented by the letter «shin» (compare with the card of the Jester!), which means the name of Jesus (yod-he-shin-wav-he, Yeshua — Jesus).
Having learned the highest meaning of the union of the first elements, we leave the Garden of Eden to discover a world full of miracles. Take everything that this world gives you, says the card. Learn the secrets of life.

This card is considered the best of all the Minor Arcana. When it fell out, the ancient Egyptians, according to Eteilla, did not think further, because it made the whole result of divination favorable.

Having seen this Ace, we do not have to immediately collect the deck and stop divination. You can and even need to open and review the schedule to the end. However, it is better for this person on this deck on the same day not to guess, «so as not to disturb the secret course of the chips», not to frighten the bird of Happiness. If a person has questions, it is better to take another deck. However, for such lucky people, usually both the second and third decks throw out the same Denarius Ace.

And even when turned upside down, its meaning usually does not change: the denarius is round.


DESCRIPTION: As with the other Aces of the deck, here too there is a hand appearing from a cloud — this time it offers a disk, or a pentacle . The pentacle depicts the symbol of the pentagram — a five-pointed star with a tip pointing upwards. At hand we see a well-kept front garden with many flowers and a beautiful fence. Element: Earth.

EXPLANATION: The Ace of Pentacles signifies the beginning of a cycle of prosperity and successful enterprises. In a broader sense, it also represents satisfaction and personal achievements. This is the time when you begin to reap the rewards of your efforts. You may receive good messages or praise from a friend or even receive an inheritance. This card indicates that you will experience great happiness and enjoy the joys of life because you radiate prosperity.

REVERSED CARD MEANING: Your wealth makes you more unhappy or sad. Your plans are not implemented, and peace is deceptive. Everything is not going the way you wanted.

LESSON FOR SELF-DEVELOPMENT: This is the beginning — a time in your life when you can clearly and optimistically look to the future. Your personal life is stable and satisfying, and you can expect your business ventures to flourish.

Ace Of Pentacles

Ace of Denarius, like other aces, shows the chances hidden in ourselves. This ace calls us to look inside ourselves, to look around in order to find not yet used opportunities to get out of the current situation, a safe and successful exit in the sense of the element of the earth, which this ace represents, that is, in the sense of not only material, but, first of all, everything, spiritual wealth. Along with the Ace of Cups, this is one of the best cards among the Minor Arcana. However, the luck symbolized does not fall from the sky, it must be sought. And it is quite possible that this search will require a lot of work, like the search for treasure in a vineyard. However, the result will not only meet all our hopes, but also give us a feeling of deep happiness.

JOB AND CAREER: Here this card means that we have a great chance to reach the top in our profession. For someone, it can mean high income and a stable financial position, for someone — honor, respect, fame, and for someone simply inner satisfaction and awareness of their independence from recognition or non-recognition by others, because the cause we serve is the meaning of our life. In any case, this card means excellent prospects for growth and the ability to achieve the set goal.

AWARENESS: The Ace of Denarius also means a chance that opens up for us on the way to knowledge, an opportunity to get important and really necessary information. It can be some idea that will allow us to solve a problem that seemed insoluble, or a thought that suddenly illuminates the path to success, or a lesson learned on one level, but allows you to understand a lot on another; growth of self-awareness or a kind of «discovery of America» in oneself, a new step on the way to self-knowledge.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: A chance to create a strong, deeply soulful union. Often this Ace comes out as a harbinger of a new, incomparable acquaintance. But he sometimes indicates that new opportunities open up for us in the old familiar union, which can now become a real blessing for both partners.

Aces in Tarot

An ace of any suit is the birth of each of the following cards of that suit. As the first card of a suit, the Ace represents the initial strength of the suit and is associated with the first number. The number one corresponds to the astrological signs of Aries and Leo. The Sun rules Leo and exalts in Aries. The Sun determines such character traits as leadership, strength, power, energy, initiative, ambition, courage, independence, originality, leadership ability. Negative features: abuse of position, ignorance, intimidation, dominance. All Aces in an inverted position indicate a selfish use of the energy of this card.

If there are many Aces in the schedule, this indicates new beginnings, ambition, new opportunities, new crops, which will be the beginning of a long stage of development. This is the best time to start the planned project. New acquaintances will appear in your environment or you will renew a relationship with a person you already know. Aces can predict that it is a good time to start implementing plans for changing professions or moving to a new place of residence.

Aces symbolize the beginning of another cycle of life. This is a time of new opportunities and expanded horizons. Yang energy promotes bold projects. Be ready to make an independent decision and take advantage of the opportunity for promotion. Yang energy predicts decisive actions of men at important moments.


Ace of Pentacles in a straight position

Key words and phrases: The financial situation is starting to improve. The real beginning. The power of firmness and security. Earth's elemental power. Cosiness. Prosperity. Sensual pleasures. Physical issues. Energy of material gains. Salary increase. A good legacy. Win. The initial stage of material prosperity. The birth of well-being. New opportunities. The start of a successful project. Capital inflow. The appearance of money. Acquisition. Property issue. Material profit. Financial receipts. Success. Recognition. Promotion. Career changes. A reward for careful work. New beginnings that have a solid foundation. Fertility. Good events in life. Stable health. Money from heaven. Everything you don't touch turns to gold.

Situation and advice: Now you can start a new project that promises monetary returns. It is possible to receive money or receive a gift. Some financial enterprise that you are starting now will lead to well-being and material prosperity. If you want to take on another project, feel free to laugh: you will get the money you need for it. You will be rewarded for the work done. If you are a student, you will soon successfully defend your diploma. You may have to deal with important correspondence or documents at this time. Very often, the Ace of Pentacles indicates the initial stages of a relationship with a person or with several people who will later open the door to future financial prosperity. If your question was about love experiences, the Ace of Pentacles promises a reliable relationship full of sensual pleasures and sexual joys. The appearance of the Ace of Pentacles is favorable for everything related to the body, health and physical reality that is tangible. Iconic deck card. Her presence in the schedule means complete satisfaction (any). In the old days, superstitious soothsayers, pulling out this card from the deck, stopped the schedule so as not to spoil success.

People: Assistants. Workaholics. Sensual people. Those who have come to terms with their physical essence. People who exercise. Laborers

Ace of Pentacles in an inverted position

Key words and phrases: Deferral of receipts. Inadequate payment. Material losses. Mismanagement of money or property. Unpromising investments. Unsuccessful start of the project. Disruption of plans. False start. Avarice. Miserliness. Discontent. Ownership Materialism. Hasty decisions. Bad choice. Imprudence. Excessive self-indulgence. Putting all the eggs in one basket. Measure seven times — cut one. You will make people laugh if you hurry. I want what I want, when I want it. Check in the mail. I exhaled.

Situation and advice: Chances are, something is going to go wrong with that project you recently started. It seems that the desired or promised results are not materializing. Possible loss. You may receive less money than you expected or your payment may be delayed. Circumstances related to health, work, money or business seem to be working against you. Excessive greed or materialism can lead to problems. Perhaps you made a decision too hastily, without thinking it through properly, so the estimated investment is unlikely to pay off. Sometimes the Ace of Pentacles in an inverted position indicates fatigue, health problems. It can also reflect a cynical, puritanical attitude to sensual pleasures.

People: Those who failed to keep promises or live up to expectations. Hasty, greedy people. Misers cynics Puritans Emotionally unstable people.


Meaning and inner content of the Ace of Pentacles arcana

All aces mean new opportunities, and the Ace of Pentacles tarot card also speaks of the beginning of an extremely fruitful period in life. The client will receive a financial gain due to unexpected luck or as a reward for a job well done. Along with the achievement of material well-being, emotional stability and equal relations with others give the Client a sense of deep internal and external satisfaction.

The Ace of Pentacles Tarot card symbolizes the beginning of a new venture, which is guaranteed to succeed. Pleasure, acquisition, wealth, great happiness, triumph.

The inverted Ace of Pentacles Tarot warns against overindulgence in material possessions. The card indicates greed, own instinct and insufficient spiritual development. These qualities inevitably cause a feeling of dissatisfaction, anxiety and unreliability in the Client.

The inverted Ace of Pentacles tarot card is the same achievements and prosperity, but with pain or, at least, without the world of the soul. Wealth and achievements will not bring you joy. Your success will be overshadowed by some losses.


The Ace of Pentacles Tarot is an achievement card. The new enterprise that you have started or will soon start is doomed to success; this success will most likely be measured by some material benefit (money, status, fame, or some combination thereof).

This card predicts success in a new venture, no matter what the surrounding cards say, but on one condition: if the surrounding cards are unfavorable, your success will bring with it misfortune and jealousy, the bad sides of wealth and success One way or another, the Ace of Pentacles tarot card predicts prosperity and material gain.



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